Veritas NetBackup™ 8.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

What are two ways to include files for scheduled backups? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • specify files to be backed up in the policy backup selections
  • specify files using the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface

Which two have a media and/or density type? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • storage units
  • drives

An administrator of a multi-site, multi-domain NetBackup environment wants to provide redundancy for backups and protect the NetBackup image database. All backups must have on-site and off-site copies in multiple NetBackup domains as_______.

Answer :
  • Auto Image Replication

An administrator configures storage units STU-A and STU-B into a storage unit group in Failover mode. If STU-A is busy, what happens to a new job going to the storage unit group?

Answer :
  • queues and waits for STU-A to become available

What is the correct order in which to configure deduplication storage in NetBackup?

Answer :
  • storage server, disk pool, storage unit

Which two methods should an administrator use to automate duplication in NetBackup? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • NetBackup Vault
  • Storage Lifecycle Policies

An administrator has a media server with four empty disks with the following characteristics: SSD1, SSD2: High-speed solid state drives Disk3, Disk4: Medium-speed hard drives What is the recommended disk storage configuration using these devices?

Answer :
  • place disks in two AdvancedDisk pools: SSD1 and SSD2 in one pool, and Disk3 and Disk4 in the other pool

Which two catalog components contain information on what has been backed up and its metadata in NetBackup? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • Image
  • NBDB

What does an administrator need to enable Smart Meter?

Answer :
  • a json file

Which two media status designations are excluded in the count against maximum number of partially full media? (Select two.)

Answer :
  • Frozen
  • Imported