Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Advanced Administration/DP0134 Course

Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Advanced Administration Certification Training Course Overview

The Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Advanced Administration course provides the IT professional with education on advanced NetBackup 7.7 software functionality and administrative jobs. This class covers advanced NetBackup topics, including NetBackup performance, disaster recovery, application backups on physical and virtual machines, virtual machine accelerator backups, and surety. This class also covers using NetBackup to manage Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint database backups.

Audience: This course is meant for technical professionals responsible for the conception, configuration, performance, monitoring, or support of NetBackup.

Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Advanced Administration/DP0134 Course (Duration : 24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: NetBackup Concepts
  • Understanding the NetBackup environment
  • Using NetBackup Administrative interfaces
  • Using NetBackup in an enterprise environment
Module 2: Improving NetBackup Performance
  • NetBackup performance overview
  • Isolating bottlenecks
  • Addressing bottlenecks
  • Tuning NetBackup buffers
  • Tuning NetBackup deduplication
  • Network Resiliency
Module 3: Disaster Recovery Strategies and Auto Image Replication
  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication
  • Configuring Auto Image Replication
  • Monitoring Auto Image Replication
  • Managing and maintaining Auto Image Replication
  • Protecting the NetBackup infrastructure
  • Protecting the MSDP catalog
Module 4: Application Backup Concepts
  • Understanding application need
  • Database backup and restore concepts
  • Customizing generic application backups
Module 5: Managing Oracle Backups with Intelligent Policies
  • Introduction to the Oracle database
  • Configuring NetBackup for Oracle with Intelligent
  • Policies
  • Managing Oracle database backups
  • Oracle database disaster recovery considerations
Module 6: Managing Microsoft SQL Backups with Intelligent Policies
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Configuring SQL Server Intelligent Policies
  • Using the NetBackup Microsoft SQL Client console
  • Monitoring SQL Server database backups
  • SQL Server and VMware backups
  • SQL Server disaster recovery considerations
Module 7: Managing Microsoft Exchange Backups
  • Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Configuring NetBackup for Exchange
  • Exchange and high availability environments
  • Monitoring and maintaining Exchange database backups
  • Exchange disaster recovery considerations
Module 8: Managing Microsoft SharePoint Backups
  • Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Configuring NetBackup for SharePoint policies
  • Monitoring SharePoint backups
  • SharePoint disaster recovery considerations
Module 9: Enhancing Virtual Machine Protection
  • Protecting virtual machines with applications
  • Using NetBackup Accelerator for VMware
Module 10: Securing the NetBackup Environment
  • Understanding security concerns in a backup
  • environment
  • Auditing NetBackup
  • Securing NetBackup with NBAC
  • Securing NetBackup using encryption
Module 11: Trends in Enterprise Backups
  • Using the cloud with NetBackup
  • Using NetBackup with big data environments
  • Using NetBackup Self Service
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Course Prerequisites
  • Administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Basic NetBackup administration Course.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Improve NetBackup performance by addressing bottlenecks, tuning NetBackup buffers, and getting familiar with NetBackup performance enhancing characteristics.
  • Prepare for common disasters and plan for disaster recovery using optimized duplication, Auto Image Replication, and MSDP catalog protection policies.
  • Identify requirements for backing up third-party applications and databases.
  • Configure NetBackup to back up and restore Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft SharePoint databases.
  • Treatment strategies for Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint database recovery.
  • Configure, operate, and manage backups for applications operating in virtual machines.
  • Configure accelerator for VMware virtual machines.
  • Ensure your NetBackup environment is secure using encryption, auditing, authentication, and say-so.

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