SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Quiz Questions and Answers

At what scope can you enable/disable SharePoint Designer?

Answer :
  • Web Application and Sitecollection

Which of the following actions can be performed in IIS manager?

Answer :
  • All of the above

What is a Content Type?

Answer :
  •   It is a container of site columns

How can you manage the files that have not been checked-in, in a document Library?

Answer :
  • Library Settings ? Manage Files which have no checked in version

Data within an External content type can be exposed through which kind of a list?

Answer :
  • An External List

Which libraries use file templates?

Answer :
  • None of the above

What kind of Activities can you do in SharePoint Designer? (select three)

Answer :
  • Create Master Pages , Page Layouts , CSS
  • Create and modify lists,libraries and views
  • Design and edit workflows

What kind of Pages can you create in Site Pages library in SharePoint Designer? (select two)

Answer :
  • HTML
  • ASPX

What kind of files can you create in Site Assets library through SharePoint Designer? (select three)

Answer :
  • Javascript
  • XML
  • Text file

What are the different types of External Data sources you can connect to in SharePoint Designer?

Answer :
  • Linked Data Source
  • Soap Service Connection
  • Xml File Connection