Oracle Solaris Containers Administration


This course provides hands-on exposure on the various essentials of Oracle Solaris Containers. It outlines the ways of working with Oracle Solaris Containers. The program acquaints students with Oracle virtualization aspect that contains Oracle Solaris Resource Controls, as well as Oracle Solaris Zones. The training covers various critical aspects that participants should be aware of for managing the capabilities available in the Oracle Solaris OS.

Schedule & Prices
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Classroom Training*
Duration : 3 Days
Fee :  London: £5,000, Dubai : $3,100 , India : $1,300

03-05 (Delhi)
03-05 (Goa)
03-05 (london)
09-11 (Dubai)
09-11 (Goa)
10-12 (Bangalore)
10-12 (Goa)
10-12 (london)
02-04 (Delhi)
02-04 (Goa)
02-04 (london)
08-10 (Dubai)
08-10 (Goa)
09-11 (Bangalore)
09-11 (Goa)
09-11 (london)
16-18 (Chennai)
16-18 (Goa)
13-15 (Bangalore)
13-15 (Goa)
20-22 (Chennai)
20-22 (Goa)

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Course Prerequisites

  • Perform basic UNIX tasks
  • Use the vi text editor
  • Describe UNIX devices and common administration concepts
  • Administer systems at a level consistent with having completed the Solaris System Administration parts 1 and 2 courses
  • Network Administration for the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System
    • Regular Track: Any candidate with basic knowledge of Oracle Solaris 10 and networking.
    • Fast Track: Candidate with intermediate knowledge of Oracle Solaris 10 and networking.
    • Super Fast Track: Candidate with strong knowledge of Oracle Solaris 10 and networking.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Configuring, installing and administering Zones
  • Configuring Zone file system
  • Migrating Zones
  • Networking Configuration
  • Administering packages, as well as patches that are within Zones

Give an edge to your career with Oracle certification training courses. Students can join the classes for Oracle Solaris Containers Administration Training Course at Koenig Campus located at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Shimla, Goa, Dehradun, Dubai & Instructor-Led Online.