Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: System Administration

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: System Administration Certification Training Course Overview

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: System Administration training course gives data center administrators the necessary skills to configure, manage, and monitor the hardware and software components of Oracle Exalogic. This course teaches you how to apply Oracle's best practices regarding shared storage, networking, high availability, and backup and recovery.
  • Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.x: System Administration (16 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: The Exalogic Solution
  • Data Center Challenges
  • What is InfiniBand (IB)?
  • Engineered Solution
  • Multitenancy
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • What is Exalogic Control?
  • Physical vs Virtual Data Center
  • Exalogic Versioning
Module 2: Hardware Components
  • Exalogic Machine Topology
  • Compute Nodes
  • Storage Appliance
  • InfiniBand Switches
  • IB Transceivers and Cables
  • Management Switch
  • Comparing Rack Configurations
  • Power Options
Module 3: Initial Machine Configuration
  • Using Oracle Installation Services
  • Exalogic Configuration Utility (ECU) Overview
  • IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB)
  • Ethernet over InfiniBand (EoIB)
  • Default Networks
  • Default Storage Projects
  • Host Utilities
  • DCLI Examples
Module 4: Managing Hardware With ILOM
  • ILOM Network
  • Changing the Root Password
  • Powering the Device On and Off
  • Locating the Device in the Data Center
  • Viewing Hardware Status and Specifications
  • Monitoring Power Consumption
  • Configuring Alerts
  • CLI Examples
Module 5: Managing Hardware with Exalogic Control
  • Exalogic Control Architecture
  • Starting and Stopping Exalogic Control
  • Creating an Exalogic System Administrator
  • Viewing Exalogic System Specifications
  • Viewing Exalogic System Networks
  • Navigating Rack Slots
  • Monitoring Asset Hardware
  • Creating an Exalogic System Report
Module 6: Storage Configuration
  • Changing the Root Password
  • Storage Pool
  • Replacing Failed Hardware
  • Configuring Services, Projects, and Shares
  • Overriding Project Defaults
  • Exalogic NFS Architectures
  • Configuring a Compute Node for NFS
  • CLI Examples
Module 7: Network Configuration
  • Single Rack Network Topology
  • Multi Rack Network Topology
  • Replacing Failed Hardware
  • Monitoring Connection Status
  • Monitoring the Subnet Manager
  • Working with Partitions
  • Creating a VNIC
  • Tagging a Gateway Port with a VLAN ID
Module 8: Lifecycle Management
  • Exalogic Lifecycle Toolkit
  • ExaCheck
  • Automatic Service Requests
  • ExaLogs
  • Backup Recommendations
  • ExaBR
Module 9: Disaster Recovery
  • Discovery Recovery Topology
  • Exalogic Storage Replication
  • Recommended Storage Network Topology
  • Creating a Replication Target
  • Configuring Replication for a Project
  • Oracle Site Guard Overview
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

After completion of this course; you will learn following:-

  • Work with InfiniBand partitions, VNICs and VLANs
  • Use Exalogic lifecycle management tools
  • Configure Exalogic for disaster recovery
  • Locate and use checklists & worksheets to plan an installation
  • View device status & health with ILOM
  • Monitor rack hardware with Exalogic Control
  • Perform storage administration & maintenance tasks
  • Compare physical & virtual Exalogic configurations


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