Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2/1Z0-117

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 Certification Training Course Overview

Koenig offers a course on Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Release 2. This course is useful for database developers, DBAs, and SQL developers in identifying and tuning inefficient SQL statement. This course covers investigative methods to reveal varying levels of detail about how the Oracle database executes the SQL statement.


This course prepares you for Exam 1Z0-117.

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 (24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1:Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
  • Oracle Database Server Architecture: Overview
  • Connecting to the Database Instance
  • Physical Structure
  • Oracle Database Memory Structures: Overview
  • Automatic Shared Memory Management
  • Automated SQL Execution Memory Management
  • Database Storage Architecture, Logical and Physical Database Structures
  • Segments, Extents, and Blocks & SYSTEM and SYSAUX Tablespaces
Module 2:Introduction to SQL Tuning
  • Reason for Inefficient SQL Performance
  • Performance Monitoring Solutions
  • Monitoring and Tuning Tools: Overview
  • CPU and Wait Time Tuning Dimensions
  • Scalability with Application Design, Implementation, and Configuration
  • Common Mistakes on Customer systems & Proactive Tuning Methodology
  • Simplicity in Application Design
  • Data Modeling, Table Design, Index Design, Using Views, SQL Execution Efficiency, Overview of SQL*Plus & SQL Developer
Module 3:Introduction to the Optimizer
  • Structured Query Language
  • SQL Statement Parsing: Overview
  • Why Do You Need an Optimizer?
  • Optimization During Hard Parse Operation
  • Transformer & Estimator
  • Cost-Based Optimizer
  • Plan Generator
  • Controlling the Behavior of the Optimizer, Optimizer Features and Oracle Database Releases
Module 4:Interpreting Execution Plans
  • What Is an Execution Plan? Where To Find Execution Plans and Viewing Execution Plans
  • Plan Table & AUTOTRACE
  • Using the V$SQL_PLAN View
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • SQL Monitoring: Overview
  • Interpreting an Execution Plan
  • Reading More Complex Execution Plans and Reviewing the Execution Plan
  • Looking Beyond Execution Plans
Module 5: Application Tracing
  • End-to-End Application Tracing Challenge
  • Location for Diagnostic Traces
  • What is a Service? Use Services with Client Applications & Tracing Services
  • Use Enterprise Manager to Trace Services
  • Session Level Tracing: Example
  • The trcsess Utility and SQL Trace File Contents
  • Invoking the tkprof Utility and Output of the tkprof Command
  • tkprof Output with and without Index: Example
Module 6:Optimizer: Table and Index Operations
  • Row Source Operations, Main Structures and Access Paths
  • Full Table Scan
  • Indexes: Overview and B*-tree Indexes and Nulls
  • Using Indexes: Considering Nullable Columns
  • Index-Organized Tables
  • Bitmap Indexes, Bitmap Operations and Bitmap Join Index
  • Composite Indexes and Invisible Index
  • Guidelines for Managing Indexes and Investigating Index Usage
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Course Prerequisites
  • Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Explore the Oracle Database Architecture
  • Comprehend Oracle Database Server Architecture: Overview
  • Connect to the Database Instance
  • Comprehend SQL Statement Parsing: Overview
  • Comprehend WSQL Access Advisor Session: Initial Options
  • Comprehend SQL Access Advisor: Workload Source
  • Comprehend SQL Access Advisor: Recommendation Options
  • Comprehend SQL Access Advisor: Schedule and Review
  • Configure Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Comprehend Automatic SQL Tuning: Result Summary
  • Comprehend Automatic SQL Tuning: Result Details
  • Comprehend Automatic SQL Tuning Result Details: Drilldown
  • Comprehend Automatic SQL Tuning Considerations
  • Maintain SQL Performance and SQL Plan Management: Overview
  • Comprehend SQL Plan Baseline: Architecture
  • Comprehend Important Baseline SQL Plan Attributes
  • Comprehend SQL Performance Analyzer and SQL Plan Baseline Scenario
  • Load a SQL Plan Baseline Automatically and Purging SQL Management Base Policy
  • Comprehend Enterprise Manager and SQL Plan Baselines
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