Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 Course Overview

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 Course Overview

The Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize the performance of SQL statements within an Oracle database. The course focuses on the architecture of the Oracle Database Server, including physical and memory structures, and provides a deep dive into SQL tuning principles.

Starting with an exploration of the Oracle Database architecture, attendees learn about the database server, connecting to instances, and the components of physical and logical storage. The course also covers automatic memory management and the importance of the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces.

The second module introduces SQL tuning concepts, explaining why SQL may perform poorly and how to monitor and tune using various Oracle tools. It discusses application design and common performance pitfalls.

Optimizer operations are detailed, including parsing, the role of the optimizer, and how to control its behavior. Learners will gain skills in interpreting execution plans and using tools like AUTOTRACE and AWR.

Application tracing is also a key lesson, teaching how to trace end-to-end applications, analyze trace files, and utilize tools like tkprof.

Finally, the course delves into optimizer strategies for table and index operations, exploring different index types, full table scans, and the management of indexes to promote efficient data access.

By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in SQL tuning strategies and best practices, enabling them to enhance the performance of their Oracle databases.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that you can fully benefit from the Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 course, it is important to have a foundational understanding of certain concepts and skills. Below are the minimum required prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Oracle Database architecture and components.
  • Familiarity with general database concepts such as tables, indexes, and SQL statements.
  • Experience with writing and understanding SQL queries.
  • Understanding of basic relational database concepts and the role of a database in managing data.
  • Comfortable using command-line interfaces and tools like SQL*Plus or SQL Developer.
  • An introductory level of operating system knowledge regarding file system structure and management.

These prerequisites will help you grasp the concepts discussed in the course and apply the tuning techniques effectively. If you are new to Oracle Database or SQL, consider taking an introductory course before enrolling in the SQL Tuning Workshop to ensure the best learning experience.

Target Audience for Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2

The Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2 course is designed for IT professionals seeking to optimize database performance.

  • Database Administrators
  • SQL Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Performance Tuning Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • IT Support Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Database Designers

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Oracle Database 11g: SQL Tuning Workshop Ed 2?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

This course provides an in-depth understanding of SQL tuning in Oracle Database 11g, focusing on optimizing database performance through effective SQL writing and execution plan analysis.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Comprehend Oracle Database Server architecture, including physical and memory structures, and learn about automatic memory management.
  • Understand the reasons behind inefficient SQL performance and familiarize with performance monitoring tools and methodologies.
  • Gain insights into the role and functioning of the Oracle Optimizer, including the hard parse operation, cost-based optimization, and controlling optimizer behavior.
  • Learn how to interpret and analyze execution plans to assess SQL query performance and identify optimization opportunities.
  • Acquire the skills to trace applications, diagnose performance issues, and utilize tools like tkprof and trcsess for detailed analysis.
  • Explore table and index operations, including full table scans, index usage, and the impact of different index types on query performance.
  • Recognize the importance of data modeling, table design, and index strategies in application scalability and SQL execution efficiency.
  • Develop a proactive tuning methodology to avoid common performance issues and maintain efficient SQL execution.
  • Enhance understanding of SQL statement parsing, the role of transformer and estimator components, and the generation of execution plans.
  • Implement best practices for managing indexes, investigate index usage, and make informed decisions to optimize database performance.