CRM Training Course

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems are being used extensively by companies to streamline their sales and lead management. It uses a set of practices, strategies and technologies to analyze and manage customer accounts and details throughout the customer lifecycle. CRM helps organizations improve business relationships with customers, thus playing an important part in retaining customers and driving sales growth. A CRM software consolidates all customer information in one place for easy access and reference so that business users can manage and track productivity. There are many tools and vendors available in the market for CRM. Koenig offers training on most popular systems including Microsoft CRM, Salesforce CRM, Oracle and others.


What is client relationship management(CRM)?

  • Every client or customer has a life-cycle for a company. CRM is the management of that life-cycle that includes management of data regarding interaction and transaction, client’s buying pattern, and of course the technology that can properly manage CRM data for the benefit of the company.

How do I start learning Dynamics CRM?

  • Learning dynamic CRM is a norm these days for having a strong career in this field. Some of the best software in this genre are provided by Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. So, you should look for a popular CRM Training institute online or off-line for a state-of-the-art dynamic CRM course that will help you in maximum exposure as a CRM professional.

Can I customise the CRM?

  • Yes you can customize the CRM system you are using to meet your business needs and changing customer behavior.