Selenium 1.0[Basic]

  • Overview

    Selenium 1.0[Basic] is one of the most widely used testing frameworks in the world. Getting trained on Selenium will allow developers and testers to create functional tests and drive the browser. This open source platform is also used to record workflows so as to let developers prevent regressions of code in future. Since the framework is built on JavaScript, therefore, it can work on any JavaScript supportive browser.

    Course Objectives

    This Selenium course will help you in:

    • Understanding the fundamentals of Selenium framework
    • Testing applications using Selenium IDE
    • Leveraging the tests using Selenium RC
    • Understanding the working of Selenium Grid
    • Designing robust and efficient tests for Ajax as well as classic applications
    • Using 3rd party tools for assistance during the test development process
    • Integrating Selenium into an existing test infrastructure
    • Prepare yourself to the future of web testing with Selenium 2.0

    This Selenium 1.0[Basic] is highly recommended for those who want to go for a career in Testing or Quality Assurance. It is even ideal for working professionals who wish to advance their skills and learn test automation to diversify their skills. Developers as well as QA Testers must have Selenium knowledge to test their applications.

    Course Details / Exam(s)

    Schedule for Selenium 1.0[Basic]
    Course# Course Content Regular Track
    Fast Track
    Super Fast Track
    Selenium 1.0[Basic] Selenium 1.0[Basic] 6 4 3
    Total 6 4 3
    • Basic knowledge of Java
    • Basic Knowledge of java Script
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