PostgreSQL Open source code Developer


PostgreSQL Open source code Developer training course is recommended for the developers who are looking to migrate to PostgreSQL or use Postgres in their applications. In this course, you will learn how to apply their SQL knowledge and experience to the PostgreSQL platform. This course focuses on the features and functionality that are specific to PostgreSQL.

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Duration : 0 Day
Fee : Dubai : USD 300 India : USD 0
11-10 (Bangalore)
11-10 (Chennai)
11-10 (Delhi)
11-10 (Dubai)

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Course Prerequisites

  • Working knowledge of SQL - including DDL, DML, and writing effective SQL queries.

  • Installing & managing PostgreSQL
  • Overview of PostgreSQL database
  • Using the psql client
  • Understanding PostgreSQL data types
  • Understanding sequences
  • Creating & managing indexes
  • Using COPY to load data
  • Working with Array Values
  • Advanced SQL Functions
  • Writing triggers & stored procedures with PL/pgSQL
  • Using the PostgreSQL query optimiser
  • Improving query performance
  • Foreign Data Wrappers