Oracle CPQ Cloud: Implementing Subscription Ordering

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Implementing Subscription Ordering Certification Training Course Overview

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Implementing Subscription Ordering is a 2 days training course that takes the student through the implementation process for the Subscription Ordering feature of Oracle CPQ Cloud. The student will be presented to Subscription Ordering concepts, components, and customization examples. BOM Mapping will likewise be examined and actualized as a major aspect of the Subscription Ordering process.
Hands-on training activities will be utilized all through the course to enable the student to prepare the Oracle CPQ Cloud site for Subscription Ordering implementation, install the Subscription Ordering feature package on the Oracle CPQ Cloud site, make required changes to various site components to support the Subscription Ordering feature, and use the implemented Subscription ordering feature to create, modify, and terminate customer assets via Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Project Manager

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Course Modules

Module 1: Course Introduction
  • Training Site Information
  • Course Audience
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Agenda
Module 2: Subscription Ordering Overview
  • Subscription Ordering
  • Subscription Ordering Concepts
  • Subscription Ordering Commerce Attributes
  • Subscription Ordering Limitations
Module 3: Subscription Ordering Implementation Process
  • Subscription Ordering Implementation Process
  • Subscription Ordering Implementation Prerequisites
  • Install ABO Implementation Package
  • Perform User Interface (UI) Modifications
  • Perform Subscription Ordering Customizations
  • Verify the Implementation
Module 4: Subscription Ordering BOM Mapping
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • BOM Mapping
  • BOM Mapping Tables
  • BOM Mapping Use Cases
  • BOM Mapping Rules
  • BOM Mapping Instance
Module 5: Implementing BOM Mapping
  • BOM Mapping Implementation Process
  • Capture BOM Defionition
  • BOM Tables
  • BOM Rules
  • Referencing BOM items
Module 6: Subscription Ordering - BML Components
  • ABO BML Function Dependency
  • ABO BML Function Flow- Create an Asset
  • ABO BML Function Flow- Modify
  • ABO BML Function Flow- Follow-on Order
  • ABO BML Function Flow- Reconfigure
  • ABO BML Function Flow- Terminate
  • Helper Functions/Parameters
Module 7: Installing the ABO Package
  • CPQ Coud Packages
  • Typical Package Contents
  • ABO Package Contents
  • Installing the ABO Package
Module 8: Subscription Ordering Functional Overview
  • Configuration Session
  • Modify, Follow-on Orders, and Reconfigure
  • Terminate, Suspend, and Resume
  • Attribute Summary
  • BOM Structure
  • Projected Asset Cache (PAC)
  • Configuration Save Point
  • Date-Time Formats
Module 9: Subscription Ordering User Interface and Customization
  • Commerce Layout
  • Local Asset Repository
  • Remote Asset Repository
  • Populating Additional Product Details
  • Adding a Suspend and Resume Process
  • Enabling Subscription Ordering for Multiple Commerce Processes
  • Attribute Naming Conventions
Module 10: Verifying the Subscription Ordering Implementation
  • Verification Process for Subscription Ordering
  • Subscription Ordering - When Its Working Correctly
  • Ensure Data Flow with External Application
  • · CPQ Cloud Log Files
  • BML Print Statements/Log
  • JSON Overvie
  • ABO Diagnosis Framework
  • Using the ABO Diagnosis Framework Log
Module 11: Using Subscription Ordering
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Modification
  • Follow-on Orders
  • Reconfigure an Asset
  • Terminate an Asset
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

After completion of this course; you will learn following:-

  • Describe the Subscription Ordering Model that can be implemented within Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the concepts that apply to Subscription Ordering within Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the ABO Package for Subscription Ordering.
  • Install the ABO Package for Subscription Ordering.
  • Create, review, modify, renew, and terminate assets within the Subscription Ordering scenario.
  • Describe BOM Mapping as it relates to Subscription Ordering.
  • Implement BOM Mapping as it relates to Subscription Ordering.
  • Define the user actions and action codes implemented as part of Subscription Ordering.
  • Describe the ADF-based UI Designer as it relates to Subscription Ordering.
  • Implement ADF-based UI Designer for Subscription Ordering.
  • Implement a sample Subscription Ordering scenario within Oracle CPQ Cloud.