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Manual Testing is the traditional and most rigorous form of software testing. This process requires a seasoned professional to manually check and perform tests on the software or application without automation. It is carried out before a software application hits the market so as to ensure that the product/software fulfils its intended purpose without any hassles.

Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Manual Software Testing

Course Name Duration (days)
Manual Software Testing3

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of Windows is required.
  • Basic understanding of Software Engineering.
  • Basic idea of MS Excel.

Manual Software Testing Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Understanding the functionality of a software program
  • Preparing for a test environment
  • Manually executing test cases
  • Comparing the software behavior with its intended performance
  • Verifying the actual result
  • Analyzing the software and deeming it fit or unfit for use
  • Making a report of test cases that pass or fail
  • Recording the defects uncovered during the process of test case execution
  • Publishing the report

This Manual Testing Training program course is designed for those who want to perform in-depth software testing without any knowledge of automation tools. Testers using this technique conduct intensive tests, explore bugs and report them while trying to make the software application as bug free as possible. On completing this course an individual will be able to analyze and predict future bugs while also being able to rectify them.

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