Top Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification

By Anvesha Jain 13-Jul-2022
Top Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service. Business intelligence is the key component in the drive to be agile, competitive and efficient. As businesses develop, it becomes very challenging to manage data being generated regularly. This, in turn, creates a road-block for data-driven enterprises who wish to utilize their data for driving business decision making. By putting an effective analytical tool in place to analyze data helps an enterprise discover useful information, suggest conclusions and support enhanced decision making.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based system that involves no capital expenditure or infrastructure support regardless of the size of a business. The modern iteration of the tool is free from legacy software constraints and its users do not need any specialized training in order to generate business intelligence insights. Typical of all Microsoft cloud services, implementation of Power BI embedded is rapid and trouble-free. Being Microsoft Power BI Certification has unique benefits for the organization you are employed in. The benefits of this Business analyst course help you become an asset to your organization.

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After attaining the Microsoft Power BI certification, you will gain many skills which enable you to accomplish tasks like:

  • Transforming Data by using Power BI Desktop – This consists of connecting to data sources, performing transformations and then cleansing data.
  • Modelling and Visualizing Data – Equips you with the skills to create your own data models or optimize existing data models, creating calculated tables and columns, measuring every employee’s performance by utilizing KPI’s, gauges and cards, helps create hierarchies in the organization and also aids in managing custom reporting solutions.
  • Configure Dashboards, Reports and Apps in the power BI service – Trains you to configure a dashboard, publish and embed reports. It also imparts the skills required to configure security for dashboards, reports and apps. After achieving the Power BI certification , you will have the skills required to even configure apps and app workspaces.

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Other Benefits of the Microsoft Power BI Certification are:

  • No memory and speed limitations – Shifting a prevailing BI system to a sturdy cloud environment with Power BI embedded eliminates memory and speed constraints warranting data is quickly retrievable and analyzed.
  • Supports Advanced Data services: – Microsoft Power BI tool can be integrated seamlessly with advanced cloud services like Cortana or Bot framework. Thus, providing results for the verbal data query given using natural language.
  • No specialized technical support required – Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis without the need for dedicated technical support. It supports a powerful natural language interface and the use of insightful graphical designer tools.
  • Extracting business intelligence rapidly and accurately – It helps in transforming your enterprise data into rich visuals, thus extracting business intelligence for superior decision making.

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