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Database Administration refers to a set of activities performed by an administrator to assure that a database is always available as needed. Database Administration certification training courses are ideal for people who work with data on a daily basis. As companies expand and grow, the demand for DBA professionals becomes even higher. This gives Certified Database Administrators more flexibility and a rise in the jobs in this field. 

As a Database Administrator, you need to develop your skills. If you are new to this field, our database administration certification training courses will give you in-depth knowledge of the functions that can be performed by a database administrator. DBA plays a vital and important role in almost all sectors. 

Get our best Database Administration courses designed by top certified mentors. Pursuing a career in this field will enhance your skills and open a hub of opportunities for you, as talented, certified database professionals are always in high demand at all levels and in many related job roles. Check out some of the popular Database Administration certification courses to enrol today.

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Popular Database Administration Certification Training Courses

The Database Administration certification training courses will help you to learn data administration, database design, support, maintenance, and implementation. From fundamentals to advanced features, you will understand everything you need to know about database administration. These Database Administration certification training courses aim to deliver quality content that covers solid fundamental knowledge of core concepts with a practical approach. 

We at Koenig Solutions offer you a fantastic set of database administrator training to help you to pass the DBA certification exam. Participants can take up their DBA certification courses across various learning modes, which include classroom, 1-on-1, onsite, and online training. 

Our Database Administration courses focus on the set of technologies and tools essential to work with DB systems. The most convenient and comprehensive way to pass the certification exam is to get trained in our best database administrator training courses. 

Who can take up Database Administration Certification Training?

Job roles that can take up Database Administration certification training courses include, but are not just limited to:

  • Software Developer
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer programmer
  • Security consultants
  • DBM Analyst
  • Database Developer
  • Senior DBA
  • SQL DBA 
  • Data Analyst
  • Database Engineer
  • Aspiring Database Administrators
  • People who are looking to sit for a relevant database administration certification exams 

Database Administration Certification Training Prerequisites

  • There are no such eligibility criteria for entry-level database administration certification training. Anybody who is interested to learn or know about managing databases in their organizations can take part in these DBA certification courses.
  • But, participants who are looking to take advanced level database administration courses, then they have to clear the foundation level first to participate in the same.

Reasons to choose Database Administration Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Get a wide range of DBA certification courses from Koenig Solutions for both individuals and teams worldwide
  • Get a unique mix of Database Administration certification courses from various governing bodies in one place
  • Through Database Administration training courses, learners can gain a complete understanding of managing databases through various complex channels and technologies
  • Get access to expert DBA trainers at Koenig Solutions with knowledge and real-world skills across industry sectors globally
  • Participants will gain a lot more knowledge and skills from Koenig Solutions than any other training provider because they carefully curate and update their DBA content regularly with SMEs and create an interactive program with hands-on exercises and lab sessions
  • Accredited DBA certification course material is regularly updated by SMEs and governing bodies
  • By taking the Database Administration certification training from Koenig Solutions, there is a stamp of authority for delivering excellent services for more than 25 years 
  • Participants have the option to take up these DBA certification courses across four different learning modes.
  • Candidates can take part in DBA certification training programs in two options on Weekends as 8 hours / day and on weekdays as 4 hours / day

Benefits of DBA- Database Administration Certification Training

  • Professionals with Database Administration certification are more likely to get hired and enjoy benefits as compared to non-certified candidates. 
  • Hands-on experience in the fundamental knowledge and core concepts of Database administration for better understanding and practical knowledge.
  • Being a database administrator or DBA-certified professional will get a high package salary. According to indeed.com, the average salary of a certified Database Administrator is $ 90,843 per year. 
  • Suppose someone is planning a career as a Database Administrator due to its various benefits, now is the right time to hold a recognized DBA certification from a reputed training provider. And Koenig Solutions is one such provider delivering DBA certification for students, professionals, and enterprise teams worldwide for 25+ years
  • A DBA certification on your resume will let the recruiters know how serious and passionate you are about your profession. 

So if you wish to gain more knowledge about Database Administration, you can take database administration certification training courses offered by Koenig Solutions which can help you to better understand the domain and how it is going to help shape your career for good. 

Database Administration Certification Process

There are various ways through which a participant can become a Certified Database Administrator Professional; some of the critical steps are to:

  • One can check out some of the popular Database Administration certification courses on the Koenig Solutions Website
  • They can select the relevant DBA course which is ideal according to their experience
  • A training advisor then helps you with additional information on the DBA training
  • Prepare for the DBA training by going through various pre-training materials provided by Koenig Solutions
  • Learners can then take part in the DBA training with other participants from various industry sectors
  • Learn and upgrade your existing Database knowledge to take part in the various DBA certification exams
  • Receive your official Database Administration credential to get ahead in your career


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Following are the suggested courses: MCSA 2016 Database development (20761 and 20762), MCSA 2016 : Database Administrator (20764 and 20765) and then MCSA 2016 BI Developer (20767 and 10990). For long term benefits, one can also do 20778 (Power BI) as well.