Windows Server Training and Certification Courses


Windows Server is a group of server operating systems by Microsoft. It supports enterprise management of IT infrastructure, data storage, communications and applications. Windows Server solutions focus on networking, Security and stability of the file system. The latest version of this operating system is Windows Server 2016, which comes loaded with capabilities of enhanced security, Virtualization and cloud support, cost efficient storage, and software defined networking.

Koenig Solutions brings about a variety of IT courses and training to students and experienced IT professionals. One of our popular courses is the Windows Server training. The training is much in demand, as Windows Server is the market-leading group of server operating systems. Offered by Microsoft, this system grabs around 73 percent of the enterprise market. While there are several versions of this system, we offer courses on the latest Windows Server versions. Let us provide more details on our Windows Server course.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Robi Clement United States Dec-2020 I am happy with the training
Erez.aluf United States Dec-2020 A1. very good knowledge - shares information and has patience with trainee
Gabriel Bedell United States Nov-2020 A1. He had a complete knowledge of the course. He was able to expose me to all the details and that has clear my doubts. I'm confident now in deploying Windows server 2016
Tshilumba Kabuyi Ruddy United States Nov-2020 yes it is also a good way to study because the trainer has all the time for a person's questions, and can easily explain a subject as many times as if there were many of us which would have an impact on time management training
Rajeev Ranjan United States Nov-2020 Have enough time to clear the doubt.
Franck Irambona United States Oct-2020 A2. The work environment. Everything is in place to help you in your training. From the hostel to the training center.
Taiwo Ojo United States Sep-2020 So far all about koeng is good.
Ganesh.prasad United States Aug-2020 Classes are which are conducted virtually was went well. I recommend that is there any possibility to add few more Lab scenarios ? Another thing was that apart from the Lab assignment, we can't demonstrate our own scenario(idea). Is it possible to add it? I hope Microsoft has created these virtual Lab as per the course material. If yes, can share these feedback with them?
Sharath.b.g United States Aug-2020 A2. Revision classes and 3 months consultation after the training is interesting one, I felt this is one of the main difference.
Subin.vs United States Aug-2020 A2. Topics covered in the training.
Amol Pardeshi United States Aug-2020 A1. Trainer is very good and always answered all asked questions and the way he understands us that is very clear and simple to learn thanks to him for such wonderful training.
Nitish Prasade United States Aug-2020 A1. trainer was good.
Mullaishselvi.krishnasamy United States Aug-2020 A1. Training was good. Pretty much covered all the modules, very explained and easy to understand. Thank you for providing good training session.
Vinod Ambhore United States Aug-2020 A2. We can practice on Lab after training complete also.
Shahul Hameed United States Jul-2020 I think this is the best can provide in online course. May be few additional materials like Exam preparation guide would help.

Quick Facts about Windows Server

  • Windows Server is a market leader and holds 73% market share in the enterprise market.
  • Companies clocked annual savings worth $220,000 in administrative costs
  • Annually, 15 hours of productivity saved per employee

At Koenig Solutions, industry experts deliver the Windows Server training to learners. Our courses train learners on Windows Server solutions, which support the enterprise IT infrastructure, communication, and applications. The stability or Security of the file system is also supported by these solutions. We provide comprehensive training on the latest versions of Windows Server that include Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. These are highly capable versions that offer enhanced security.

Who Should Do This Course

Our Windows Server course is suitable for all IT professionals, corporate executives and technology-oriented students who look forward to administering the Windows Server and take its advantages in the areas of Internet hosting, corporate networking, communication, domain handling, file system stabilization, and efficient and secure data management.

Benefits of Windows Server Training Course

Taking up a Windows Server course with us can help professionals to save on their company's’ administrative costs, as well as enhance overall employee productivity. While these are significant benefits at the company level, trainees going through our Windows Server course can also gain several other benefits, including the following:

  • Expertise in harnessing the power of Windows Server to manage enterprise IT Infrastructure and data Storage cost-effectively
  • Learning to build and manage IT infrastructure in a high-performance manner, based on Windows Server technology
  • Ability to deliver cloud services into infrastructure by taking advantage of several Windows Server capabilities, such as networking, virtualization, information security, and data storage
  • Skill to power cloud-optimized Web services and applications of the next generation
  • Mastery on server configuration, installation, administration, and migration


To take up a Windows Server course with us, the candidates should have a basic knowledge of server hardware, networking concepts and architectures, security practices, AD DS concepts, and TCP/IP protocols. However, the exact prerequisites may vary from one course to another. A few courses may also require the candidates to have experience working with the latest versions of Windows Server. The work experience is not mandatory in all cases.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Windows server system is a group of servers developed by Microsoft for the purpose of the best possible communication, data storage, and corporate management. Corporate executives, professionals, and students are immensely interested in Windows server training as this is the most popular server which is presently used by 73% corporate bodies and other organizations worldwide. A windows server course includes Microsoft Windows server 2016 or Microsoft Windows server 2012.

The best way to learn Windows server is to opt the right Windows server course. A Windows server training helps in getting hands on experience in the communication system, networking, data security, the stability of the file system, and much more. The latest Windows server version is Microsoft Windows Server 2016 which is a part of our Windows server course.

The first version of Windows Server was published in 1993 called Windows Server NT 3.1. Several Windows server versions are available like Microsoft Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016. Our Windows Server training comprises of both Windows Server 2012 and 2016. Professionals can opt any Windows Server course as per their requirements and corporate need.

Microsoft Windows Server have several advantages like the following ones: corporate networking, internet hosting, intranet hosting, data management, domain management, necessary support for outdated software, optimal use hardware, and so on. In a Windows server course, here trainees are provided with all state-of-the-art Windows server training to take advantage of the server to the maximum possible extent.

Both Windows and Linus servers have some advantages and disadvantages. In a Windows server training or in a Windows server course you will learn the advantages of Windows server. As Widows is used over 73% computers and their networks, application of Windows servers is always beneficial for the users.