Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications that will boost your pay

Getting a role-based certification is the best way to boost your IT career today. If you are looking for professional stability, job security, and financial growth, pursuing the right certification is a big step in the right direction. 

You are probably looking to start a career working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or want to boost your present career. If yes, Microsoft offers many high-paying credentials from which you can choose. 

Let’s take a look at the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM certifications today.

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Levels and Certifications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. Fundamentals Certification:

For any certification path, the fundamentals certification is the first milestone you need to cross. Almost every popular and credible technical professional in the world starts at this level. To build strong skills in the future, it is important to have a solid foundation. Fundamentals credentials pave the way for all future certifications and skills you look to obtain.

Dynamics 365 has two different fundamental certifications to choose from. The first one is designed for IT-savvy professionals with a basic understanding of CRM (customer relationship management). If this sounds like you, choose the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) credential. For this, you will have to clear the MB-910 exam. For more information on this certification path, take a look at the journey map for Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) on the Microsoft website. 

The other certification is aimed at professionals with higher experience with ERP (enterprise resource planning) and its functionalities in Dynamics 365. These professionals have a good grasp of the working of operations and finance apps within the Microsoft ecosystem. If you are this person, choose the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 265 Fundamentals (ERP) credential. You will need to clear the MB-920 certification exam to earn this credential. To get started along this path, take a look at the journey map for Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP).

The fundamental certifications and exams mentioned above are set to replace the previous single Dynamics 365 Fundamentals credential. This certification was retired on 30th June 2021.

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2. Functional Consultant Certifications:

A functional consultant understands how valuable a business and technology collaboration is. They can choose from various career possibilities within this role. There are several Dynamics 365 functional consultant certifications available for professionals in this domain. These certifications are designed to validate the skills and experience these professionals bring to the table when they are hired. 

The Dynamics 365 landscape is made up of marketers with technical experience in Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 265 which are used for implementing various marketing solutions. Such professionals should explore the Marketing Functional Consultant Associate credential. This certification requires you to clear two certification exams - the MB-220 exam and the PL-200 exam. Microsoft also provides a road map for the Marketing Functional Consultant. Use this to see how you can start your certification journey. 

A sales professional in the Dynamics 365 domain uses his or her technical expertise for implementing and extending sales solutions. As a sales professional, you must explore the Sales Functional Consultant Associate credential. 

Some field service professionals hold technical experience related to both Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 265. They use it for implementing planning solutions at an enterprise level to ensure dependable and consistent operations. These professionals should pursue the Field Service Functional Consultant Associate credential. They need to clear the MB-240 and PL-200 certification exams to earn this credential.

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Another category is the customer service professional with a strong real-world understanding of customer support as well as experience with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. They use their expertise for omnichannel solutions implementation, focusing on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. If this sounds like you, explore the Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate credential to boost your career. 

Some functional consultants have a strong grasp and applied knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance, Supply Chain Management, or Commerce. Here are some certifications you should pursue if you fall under any of these categories. 

A functional consultant responsible for implementing core processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central for medium and small businesses should clear the MB-800 exam. This will earn them the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Associate credential.

To earn the Dynamics 365 Commerce Functional Consultant Associate credential, you need to clear the MB-300 and MB-340 exams. This is a strong certification choice for developers, functional consultants, information workers, and businesses professionals using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce for team support. 

Certain functional consultants work with finance teams to analyze business needs and translate them into solutions and processes. If this is you, take a look at the Finance Functional Consultant Associate credential. This requires you to clear the MB-300 and the MB-310 exams.

A functional consultant with a basic understanding of the industry standards of supply chain management will benefit from the Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Associate certification. You will need to pass the MB-300 and MB-330 exams to earn this credential. 

A functional consultant or Dynamic 365 Business user could have a solid understanding of the manufacturing and industry standards and have experience with supply chain management configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365. For this credential, you need to clear the MB-300 and the MB-320 exams. 

3. Developer Certification:

Developers working with Dynamics 365 are in charge of translating business or project requirements into system functionalities for operation and finance applications. As a developer, the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Developer Associate credential is the right certification for you. You will have to clear the MB-300 and the MB-500 exams to earn this credential.

4. Solutions Architect Certification: 

Solutions Architects are expert professionals who are highly qualified and have work experience of well over a decade. Professionals with this certification could be technical or functional consultants, IT professionals, business professionals, or solution architects. They understand Finance and Operations Apps and everything it entails in detail. Such a professional is perfect for the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect Expert certification. All you need to do is meet the prerequisite and clear the MB-700 exam. To get started along this path, use the certification path available for the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect.

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Is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Certification Worth It?

The Dynamics ecosystem that Microsoft has created is a high-growth industry, specifically after Dynamics 365 was released. Businesses today are looking at increasing value generation through their IT functionalities. The demand for professionals skilled in Dynamics 365 will increase significantly with more businesses digitizing their business processes. 

Microsoft’s data shows that there is a 5 times higher chance of getting hired when you have a Microsoft Dynamic certification. It also showed that about 86% of surveyed hiring managers preferred job applicants who had Microsoft certifications on their resumes 

There is also the financial benefit of earning more with a Microsoft Dynamic 365 certification. Each of the certifications mentioned is among the highest-paying certifications today. Microsoft shows that employees with MCSA certifications can potentially earn as much as $16,000 more than non-certified professionals in a year.

Besides the tangible benefits, getting a certification helps you to keep moving forward and higher in your role as a Dynamics CRM professional. When you have a certification to your name, it tells your employer that you are committed to advancing your career with proof to back it up. Give your career and skills the boost they deserve, enroll in a training course today.

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