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MCSA Training In today's rapidly advancing IT environment, the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification stands out as a pivotal qualification for tech professionals. The MCSA credential validates expertise in a range of Microsoft technologies that are critical to businesses across multiple industries. It serves as a foundation for advanced certifications and is crucial for those aspiring to become proficient in Microsoft's server, desktop, and cloud platforms.

Learning about MCSA opens doors to numerous career opportunities in IT. Mastery of Windows Server, SQL Server, and Office 365—core components of MCSA—empowers IT professionals to efficiently manage and implement modern IT infrastructures. With the rise of cloud computing, MCSA-certified individuals are equipped to tackle the complexities of cloud services , ensuring seamless integration and management of cloud-based applications.

Notable corporations such as IBM , Dell , and HP rely on MCSA-certified professionals for their expertise in Microsoft solutions. By obtaining an MCSA certification, professionals demonstrate their commitment to staying current with technology trends and their competence in optimizing and maintaining critical systems.

As IT training specialists, Koenig Solutions offers comprehensive courses that are tailored to help you succeed in your MCSA certification journey. Whether you're starting your IT career or looking to upgrade your skills, understanding and leveraging the power of MCSA is more important than ever in this technology-driven world.
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Microsoft MCSA Certification Courses Training | Koenig Solutions

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Microsoft MCSA Certification Courses Training | Koenig Solutions

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History of MCSA

History of MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

The MCSA certification, established by Microsoft , has a rich history as a benchmark for IT professionals to validate their expertise in a range of Microsoft technologies. Launched as a successor to the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, the MCSA has evolved through the years to keep pace with technology developments . It covers skills in managing and implementing IT infrastructures using Microsoft's software products.

Over time, the MCSA has expanded to include specializations like Windows Server, SQL Server, and Office 365, reflecting the growing complexity and diversification of IT environments. As a foundational certification, it has helped countless professionals to advance their careers by demonstrating their abilities to potential employers.

Interesting to note, Microsoft announced the retirement of the MCSA certifications in January 2021, as they shifted their focus towards role-based certifications. However, the legacy of the MCSA remains significant in the world of IT, with many professionals still holding this esteemed certification as a testament to their skills and knowledge.

Recent Trends in MCSA

Trends in MCSA and Advancements in IT Training The landscape of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) has been evolving rapidly with the tech industry's progression. As cloud computing takes center stage, the MCSA certification has shifted towards Azure and Microsoft 365 expertise. With hybrid cloud environments becoming the norm, IT professionals are seeking training that covers cloud integration and management in depth.Automation is another trend transforming the MCSA landscape. With PowerShell scripting and DevOps practices, administrators are now empowered to automate mundane tasks, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, the focus on cybersecurity within IT training is paramount, as MCSA now incorporates security protocols and threat mitigation strategies to ensure robust system defense.Koenig Solutions stays abreast of these trends by offering updated courses that align with the latest Microsoft technologies and industry demands . By blending practical skills with theoretical knowledge, Koenig ensures its trainees are well-equipped for the ever-changing IT terrain.

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This course is designed for Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) aspirants. MCSA training is the first level of MCP certifications. Those who want to achieve better IT job roles should pursue it.

The MCSA certification will help an IT professional perform the roles and responsibilities related to installing, administering, and configuring MS Windows Server 2012.

  • Pursuing our MCSA training can help learners find high-paying jobs in the IT sector or go up the ladder as systems administrators, managers, or network administrators.
  • A wonderful benefit of getting the MCSA certification is that it remains valid forever.
  • Additionally, it certifies the knowledge of learners at varying proficiency levels. They can effectively handle modern data centres, and become experts at tasks like systems management, networking, storage, identity management, virtualization, Windows server deployment and administration, etc.

MCSA certifications do not expire. Although MCSE expires in three years, the MCSA certification remains valid forever. However, these certs will be labeled as "Legacy" once Microsoft stops using the older environments to replace them with the newer technologies. In such cases, you need to apply for an MCSA recertification.

MCSA Certification requires passing three or two core exams depending on specialisation you choose. You can take these at Pearson VUE testing centers at the cost of $80 per exam (Cost for India). Specific courses vary as per each certification requirement and eligibility criteria.

  • On average, Microsoft certified professionals earn 15% higher than their uncertified counterparts.
  • Around 64% hiring managers acknowledge that certifications hold a high value in determining the skills of job candidates.
  • Nearly 60% of surveyed professionals reported that earning a certification got them a new job. Our specialized courses have different eligibility criteria and learning objectives.

These courses equip learners to configure, install and manage Windows servers, as well as administer networks and SQL databases.

MCSA certifies an experienced IT professional's abilities and understanding of a specific Microsoft Environment, such as Windows Server, Cloud Platform, SQL Server 2014/2016, etc. It is a beginner level credential that widens the possibilities of attaining other MCSE certifications and courses in the future.

Although MCSA is ideal for IT sector careers. It is best suited for entry-level IT professionals.

To get an MCSA Certification, You will have to complete two or three exams, depending on the specific certification path and the technology you choose, If you are interested in Windows 8 and Office 365 certification paths, You need to pass two exams for each and for rest of the MCSA Certifications path you must have to pass three exams.

Some of the benefits of the MCSA certification include:

  • As per Microsoft, 86% of hiring managers consider job applicants who have an IT certification. Therefore, after doing this globally accepted certification, you will be at an advantage over your peers as your career growth prospects will improve.
  • Average salaries are quite high for anyone who has successfully completed the MCSA training.
  • You can even consider attempting the 70-411 exam which is Administering Windows Server 2012 and the 70-412 exam which is Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services.

As an MCSA professional, lucrative job opportunities in the IT sector would be Systems Administrator, IT Manager/Director, Networking Administrator, etc. The salaries vary as per experience and growth in a particular job role between $50,000 to $140,000. An MCSA certification holder earns at least 15% more than their non-certified counterparts.

Going for a cloud platform certification first like Microsoft Azure will provide a good foundation for you to perform the role of a cloud administrator or architect. You can then do a MCSA Cloud Platform Training and Certification Course.

The following job opportunities will open for you after doing the MCSA course:

  • Network Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • SQL Database Administrator

After completing your MCSA course certification you can work towards acquiring the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification.

The new MCSA Certifications have total 17 tracks and it focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions but on the other hands the previous MCSA Certifications focused on specific job role.

Yes. MCSA Certification is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). So, if you just passed an MCSA certification and want to broaden and advance your skills, you can opt an MCSE certification.

A basic knowledge of networking is enough for the MCSA course.

The MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification is based on Windows Server 2008 R2 technology and is a prerequisite to the MCSE: Private Cloud certification and The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification is based on Windows Server 2012 technology and is a prerequisite to the MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSE: Server Infrastructure, MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure, MCSE: Messaging, MCSE: Communication, and MCSE: SharePoint.