10 Reasons You Should Be Microsoft Azure Certified

By Archer Charles 21-Dec-2022
10 Reasons You Should Be Microsoft Azure Certified

As per Oracle Cloud Predictions, by 2025, 80% of all enterprise workloads will move to the cloud. This will make cloud computing a billion-dollar annual revenue generation industry with thousands of job opportunities arising from the current 50,248 in the USA alone.

All major cloud service providers offer certification training programs and career paths, but Microsoft Azure is role-based designed according to job roles and market requirements. Microsoft Azure certification is in high demand due to its wide adoption in cloud services worldwide. This article lists ten reasons as to why you should be Microsoft Azure certified along with its benefits.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft used its global network of data centers to create a cloud platform for building, managing, and deploying Azure applications and services. Through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, MS Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to an existing network or allows you to entrust Microsoft with network and computing needs with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Since Azure is built on Microsoft’s proven architecture, both the options provide access to the cloud-hosted data securely and reliably. Azure meets all your needs through an easy to manage, a convenient platform with its continuously growing range of services and products. As of today, Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud service provider.

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Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification

The successful completion of an Azure Certification program awards the professional with the Microsoft Azure Certification and helps learn the following aspects of Microsoft Azure:

  1. Building Websites with .NET
  2. SQL Database
  3. Virtual Network
  4. CDN
  5. Mobile services and more

The Microsoft Azure Certification training is offered online and participants can take up the training from anywhere with multiple schedules offered across time zones. There are several training options available depending on the level of experience, what you want to learn, and your goals. As per Microsoft, there are approximately 365,000 new sign-ups each year, i.e., 1000 + new sign-ups every day.

Here are a few benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification:

  1. The technology of tomorrow - Azure, like other cloud technologies, is evolving at a rapid clip. This has led to a rise in the average rate of growth by nearly 50% in the IT sector
  2. .
  3. High Potential - As mentioned in the beginning, the IT space is dominated by cloud infrastructure. One thing to be noticed here is the 154% YOY growth rate of Azure, which is the fastest in the industry today.
  4. Public Cloud - By 2021, cloud computing would become a 300 billion dollar business. The business adoption of cloud technologies is on the rise, and in this regard, going for a Microsoft Azure certification makes all the more sense..
  5. Efficiency - MS Azure meets the needs of millions of users around the world. It assists the Ops side of Dev/Ops, comes with PowerShell Console integration, and adds value to a large app development project by getting started quickly and shortening the time to value. This lets one get more of their customer’s budget.
  6. Adaptable - The learning curve for Microsoft Azure is flatter than other platforms because of users' familiarity with the Windows OS and Microsoft’s monopoly in the market.

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Reasons to Get a Microsoft Azure Certification

Apart from the Azure Certification benefits, here are some other reasons for a professional to go for Microsoft Azure Certification:

  1. Growth in Career - Most employers and clients appreciate employees with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Azure, so having a Microsoft Azure Certification will open gates for progressive career development. In fact, having an Azure Certification increases the chances of getting into a Fortune 500 Companies such as Facebook and Wipro, as 57% of them leverage Microsoft Azure services.
  2. Flexibility - A Microsoft Azure Certification can offer career flexibility. After achieving the certification, you can take up several different roles, such as a cloud architect or a developer. Cloud computing has found its niche in almost every industry. Thus, having a Microsoft Azure Certification will truly make you a global professional.
  3. Additional Skill - There are many ways to acquire a skill online but enrolling in an accredited course such as those offered by certification and Training compaines lets you master MS Azure in a structured manner.
  4. Practical Application - Books and guides teach many theoretical concepts, but an accredited education program teaches you how to develop and build Microsoft Azure solutions. Thus, certification is an excellent way for a professional to practice the implementation of Big Data Analytics Solutions.
  5. Validation - Earning a Azure certification isn’t a piece of cake. The level of commitment required to study and become certified is unparalleled. It shows how dedicated you are as a professional and helps you stand out in the right way.
  6. Better Offerings - Having an Azure Certification will help individuals and enterprise teams to adapt to the latest IT best practices in DevOps which helps in developing robust security offerings.
  7. Better Integration - Azure supports different open-source platforms and is integrated with the .NET platform, PHP and Node.js. The performance and operational agility are highly improved because of integration with coding platforms.
  8. Salary Hike - Having a Microsoft Azure Certification is an excellent addition to your resume. It validates your knowledge and guarantees a gradual salary hike. As per ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of an Azure Developer is $131,838 per year.
  9. Networking - An online program guarantees interaction with industry experts, allows you to network and interact with other professionals who share similar interests
  10. Keeps one updated - An accredited online learning program keeps one updated on the cloud computing's latest trends. This is a great way to expand knowledge of Azure principles, the concept of pipelines in DevOps, etc.

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Whether you have some experience in MS Azure or want to begin from scratch, various online programs and courses are available to meet your goals and needs as per your flexibility. If you are ready to learn about the offerings about the available courses and Microsoft azure, visit Koenig Solutions- a leading Microsoft Gold partner.

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