AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure – Is it worth it?

By Archer Charles 04-May-2023
AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure – Is it worth it?

In today’s time, one cannot go wrong by choosing a Microsoft Azure certification. With all the technological evolution that industry sectors are seeing – many are moving towards cloud computing. Cloud computing helps businesses and consumers to receive services at a click of a button. Moreover, with cloud computing, multiple teams spread across geographic locations can access files and resources with less effort and provide them to upload as much data as possible on the servers.

Businesses across domains and verticals are going through a major digital transformation by adopting cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. Microsoft Azure has gained maximum traction among businesses and professionals globally. According to Microsoft’s Report, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure. This showcases the growth of Microsoft Azure in such a short span of time, and professionals with Microsoft Azure credentials are some of the most in-demand job opportunities worldwide.

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Is Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) worth it?

Not just Azure Developer Associate Certification (AZ-204), but even Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Microsoft Azure Administrator are also equally in high demand across the globe. According to Microsoft Annual report, they have a staggering 75 million customers who use their products, and that should give you an idea of the popularity of Microsoft products and services globally.

Getting one of the latest Microsoft Azure Certifications in Azure Developer Associate Certification AZ-204 is beneficial for professionals who have knowledge of programming languages like C++ and .NET. But, if you are already an Azure developer, then getting yourself certified as a Microsoft Azure Developer certified demonstrates your capabilities to your potential employers and stands apart from your peers.

Who can take up this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Training?

There are many combinations of job roles that can take up this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 training. But, there are three major combinations for which professionals can take up Azure Developer Associate Training, which are:

  • You have coding knowledge but with no Azure exposure
  • Existing Azure Developers
  • Professionals who want to upgrade from scripting to programming

Let’s take a look at these three combinations of the target audience who majorly take up this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification course.

1. You have coding knowledge but with no Azure exposure

For the first combination of job profiles where professionals have coding experience of maybe C++ and .NET but no experience in Microsoft Azure, then this AZ-204 course makes it the right choice for them. With this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure training, one will learn everything about the Azure platform, how the coding approach works, creating rollouts, and maintaining them on Azure.

Professionals with no knowledge of coding will find it difficult to sit through the AZ-104 course as it does not teach one how to code from scratch. This Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure course is ideal for programmers who are looking to develop Azure solutions for an enterprise. Programmers, after taking this AZ-204 Exam, one will become an Azure Developer Associate and find a lot of job opportunities worldwide.

2. Existing Azure Developers

Here the professionals/programmers already have the Azure knowledge who might have learned them by chance over the years and are looking to demonstrate their skills to their employers. By taking up this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification course, you will showcase your capabilities to learn new skills and knowledge and strengthen your position to move up in your organization.

3. Professionals who want to upgrade from scripting to programming

In the previous two combinations, professionals already understood that they have the necessary coding knowledge to sit for the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification training. But, here, professionals know scripting but want to move towards programming and through Microsoft Azure. This is something that can be certainly achieved, but the individual has to put that effort into learning programming first to gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure and skills needed to clear the AZ-204 Exam on the first attempt.

Who can take up Azure Developer Associate Certification Course AZ-204?

Professionals who can take up the Azure Developer Associate Certification course include, but are not limited to:

  • Azure Developers
  • Cloud Solution Architects
  • Cloud Administrators
  • Programmers with C++, Jave, and .NET knowledge
  • Anybody who wants to move from Scripting to Programming
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their AZ-204 examination

Popular role-based Microsoft Azure certifications

There are multiple Microsoft Azure certification pathways from which professionals can choose from. With cloud computing having a major impact on business globally, it is time for professionals to choose relevant Microsoft Azure certification. One such certification that is quite popular is Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification training.

Below are some of the other popular Microsoft Azure Certifications:

Why get certified as a Microsoft Azure Developer?

Irrespective of whether you have Azure knowledge or not, but having knowledge of programming languages such as .NET, Java, and C++ is critical to get the best of this Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 training.

With this AZ-204 certification, you will surely showcase your current and future employers that you are ready to take on a career in the Microsoft Azure domain in enterprise architecture for their applications and services. With Microsoft Azure leading the charts in terms of the cloud market share, Microsoft Azure certified professionals are in high demand.

What will you learn in AZ-204 training?

The learning objectives of Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification course are:

  • Developing Azure compute solutions that include Implementing IaaS solutions, creating Azure web apps, and implementing Azure functions.
  • Developing for Azure storage that includes implementing user authentication and authorization and implementing secure cloud storage.
  • Monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting Azure solutions.
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services.

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Azure Developer Associate Annual Salary

According to the job portal, the average salary of an Azure cloud developer in the US is in the range of USD 90,000 to USD 215,000 per annum.

How to become Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 Certified?

This Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 training can be taken from an accredited training partner who is associated with Microsoft to provide this training worldwide.

Professionals can take up this AZ-204 certification training as a 5-day instructor-led live online or classroom training. This training is provided in two options wherein participants can take this as 5-day (8 hours/day) or 10-day (4 hours/day) training. Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner to provide this Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 Certification globally.

  • Enroll for 5-day/10-day training from an accredited Microsoft Training Partner.
  • Get course materials from the accredited training provider and start your preparation.
  • Attend the 5-day/10-day training delivered by an Expert Microsoft Azure trainer.
  • Co-participate with other professionals belonging to large MNCs, SMBs, and Government institutions to understand how Azure DevOps is being implemented.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of developing solutions for Microsoft Azure and its related services.
  • Get your queries resolved from an expert instructor to prepare for the Azure Developer Associate AZ-204 exam.
  • Clear your AZ-204 certification exam on your first attempt to become an Azure Developer Associate professional to enhance your career prospects.

As enterprises are undergoing a major transformation where cloud computing has a significant say in how businesses are run globally, it needs professionals who are Microsoft Azure certified. Gone are the days when there was a great demand for professionals with programming knowledge.

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Today, along with programming knowledge, they should also know about developing solutions and the cloud and integrate their coding programs to deliver services for customers across the globe. Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AZ-204 is one of the popular Microsoft Azure certification worldwide that has a great demand across industry verticals.

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