Need to Know How to Pass the AZ-204 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam

By Archer Charles 03-May-2023
Need to Know How to Pass the AZ-204 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam
Enterprises across industries are undergoing a rapid digital transformation process. One instrumental tool in this disruptive process is the switch to cloud platforms at an organisational level. 
Microsoft Azure is among the top three largest cloud platforms in the world today, being used today by over 50% of Fortune 500 business organisations globally.
This is a strong indicator of the growth that Azure has seen at a time when cloud solutions are still to reach their peak. IT professionals with a Microsoft Azure certification are eligible for some of the world’s most in-demand job roles. 
Enrolling in a certification course is a good idea if you wish to clear the AZ-204 certification exam.
This training will give you the necessary skills for developing solutions for Microsoft Azure using Azure services and functionalities like cloud security and storage.
You will also get a feel of working on hands-on real-world projects like creating Azure applications, managing the application in Azure Portal and using PostgreSQL to create Azure databases, among others that are needed in the rapidly advancing technological ecosystem we live in.
Not only programmers, but cloud administrators and architects can also advance their careers with this certification.
The training course and exam cover a wide range of domains including application architecture with containers, Azure application services, microservice-based architecture, distributed architecture, event-driven architecture, publisher and subscriber architecture, as well as the creation of decoupled or loosely coupled application architecture via event grid, service bus and Microsoft Azure storage queue.

About the AZ-204 Exam:

The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions credential is an associate certification. Its difficulty level is intermediate as compared to various other role-based Microsoft credentials. When you apply for this exam, you should expect questions from five key domains, all carrying varying weightage.
These domains or modules are:
  • Develop Azure Compute Solutions - Module 1 with 25-30% weightage
  • Develop for Azure Storage - Module 2 with 10-15% weightage
  • Implement Azure Security - Module 3 with 15-20% weightage
  • Monitor, Troubleshoot and Optimise Azure Solutions - Module 4 with 10-15% weightage
  • Connecting to and Consuming Azure services and third-party solutions - Module 5 with 25-30% weightage.

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Prerequisites for the Azure 204 Exam:

If you are interested in applying for this credential, you need Microsoft Azure programming experience of at least 1-2 years.
As a hardcore programmer interested in building Azure applications from scratch, this certification will provide users with an in-depth understanding so that they can design, build, test and maintain cloud applications, new deployments and performance tuning. Applicants need to understand the basics of .NET architecture along with the C# language.
This is made up of Azure SDKs, CLI, PowerShell, debugging and authorisation. Understanding these concepts before appearing for the AZ-204 exam will increase your chances of clearing the exam in one attempt. 

Exam Overview:

One thing that works in your favour is that there is no negative marking in the AZ-204 exam. To get the best result, you can attempt all the questions instead of leaving out the ones you aren’t sure about.
You have 150 minutes to write the exam which is made of 40 to 60 questions, each from the individual domains mentioned earlier. Earning the credential requires the clearance of this intermediate-level exam, by scoring at least 70%.
The types of questions you can expect are reordering, case studies, drag-and-drop, command-line and multiple-choice.
You can’t know which of these question types will be given in the exam, but you can get a fair idea by attempting multiple mock exams.
This credential is valid for two years from the date of the launch.

AZ-204 Exam Objectives:

The Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions credential aims to validate the expertise of a candidate in domains like Azure development, cloud architecture partnerships, cloud DBA, cloud admins and solution implementation for clients.
The exam tests your understanding of the different stages in the lifecycle of product development such as performance testing, designing, developing and troubleshooting for optimisation of solutions. 

Who Should Apply for the Developing Azure Solutions Certification?

It’s not just for developers anymore. If you are in any of the following roles, you can apply for this credential.
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • Azure Developer
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Programming knowledge of C++, Java and .NET
  • Anyone wanting to switch to programming from scripting 
  • Professionals who want to clear the AZ-204 exam

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Most Popular Role-Based Azure Certifications:

There are several Azure certification paths that IT professionals have as choices.
As the global impact of cloud computing increases across enterprises, IT careers need to be upgraded from time to time. You need to keep upgrading your skills and technical expertise through training and certifications, one of which is the Developing Solutions for Azure AZ-204 credential.
Some other important Azure certifications are:
  • AZ-900 - Azure fundamentals
  • AZ-104 - Azure Administrator
  • AZ-203 - Azure Developer
  • AZ-500 - Azure Security Engineer
  • AI-100 - Azure AI Engineer
  • DP-100 - Azure Data Scientist

Benefits of an Azure Developer Certification:

You don’t necessarily need experience with Microsoft Azure as long as you know how programming languages work, including .NET, C++ and Java. These are fundamental for you to get the most of your AZ-204 training.
Anyone holding an AZ-204 certification has proof of their skills, showcasing to their present and potential employers that they are equipped for a career within the domain of Azure within enterprise architecture services and applications. Microsoft is among the market leaders holding the highest market shares, which has resulted in a higher demand for Microsoft Azure professionals. 

What You Learn with the AZ-204 Certification:

There are multi-fold goals and objectives of this certification. You learn how to:
  • Develop compute solutions for Azure, including how to implement IaaS solutions, create Azure web applications and implement Azure functionalities.
  • Develop Azure storage, including the implementation of user authorisation and authentication as well as secure cloud storage implementation.
  • Monitor, optimise and troubleshoot Azure solutions.
  • Consume and connect to Azure and other third-party services. 

Enroll Today!

According to, an Azure cloud developer earns an average yearly salary of US $90,000 to $215,000. There are many and growing opportunities today that you can take advantage of. Make the first move and enroll in a certification training course today. 

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