Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) : Interview Questions and Answers

By Aarav Goel 13-May-2022
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) : Interview Questions and Answers

The EC-Council CEH or Certified Hacker Program is recognized as the best and leading certification that an IT security professional should process. The accredited course makes you an expert ethical hacker and makes you proficient at finding out the loopholes of an IT security system. Below are some of the questions that you may face during your recruitment process once you have attained the CEH training certification .

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Q1: Can You Define Ethical Hacking?

Ans- A way in which hacking is performed in order to identify the potential threats in a computer system or network by either a company or an individual after getting permission for doing so by the owner. These issues and problems are later resolved and fixed, and the security is made flawless.

Q2: Can You Name the Various Types of Ethical Hackers?

Ans- There are 4 different kinds of ethical hackers. These are:

  • Certified ethical hacker
  • White box penetration tester
  • Black box penetration tester
  • Cyber warrior or the Grey box hacker

Q3: Can You Define Footprinting: What Different Techniques Can be Used For it?

Ans- Footprinting can be defined as the process through which an ethical hacker gets more and more information about a given/target network without really interacting with the target, before he or she actually perform a pen test on that. An unethical hacker also follows the same approach. The techniques that can be used for footprinting include;

  1. Network enumeration: Identification of the network clocks and the different domain names.
  2. Open-source footprinting: This technique involves gaining of the administrator’s contact information. This would be used to guess the password.
  3. Scanning: After knowing the IT network, the hacker tries to configure the IP addresses that are there on it.
  4. Stack fingerprinting: After scanning reveals the port and hosts, the final step of penetration is called as stack fingerprinting.

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Q4: Can You Differentiate Between a Mac and an IP Address?

Ans- All networks across devices are assigned a unique number, which is termed as the MAC or Machine Access Control address. This address is a personal mail box on the internet. The network router identifies it. The number can also be changed anytime.

All devices get their unique IP address so that they can be easily and swiftly located on a given computer and web network. Whoever knows your unique IP address can contact you through it.

Q5: Name Some of the Security and Other Computer Related Tools Used by the Ethical Hackers?

Ans- The tools include

  • Maltego
  • NMAP
  • Wire Shark
  • John the ripper
  • Meta Spoilt

Q6: Can you Explain the “Brute Force Hack”?

Ans- The Brute Force Hack is a technique that is used for hacking passwords, and to penetrate network resources and system. We have to create a possible wordlists for username and passwords and run it. The use of the technique requires lots of time.

Q7: Define SQL Injection?

Ans- SQL injection is kind of fault that is deliberately created within the application code, in order to steal valuable data from one or more companies or other organizations. The content is injected within SQL-query string. The result then modifies the query syntax in various ways.

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