Interview Questions And Answers For The CCNA Certified Professionals

By Michael Warne 21-Dec-2022
Interview Questions And Answers For The CCNA Certified Professionals

CCNA or “Cisco Certified Network Associate” certification is one of the most sought after  CISCO certifications  in the whole world. There are more than a million CISCO professionals out there serving thousands of small and large sized businesses including the MNCs. CISCO is the largest IT and networking company in the world and hence the  CCNA certification  holds tremendous importance and offers high salary and a number of associated perks. If you are a CCNA certified professional, the below-given questions are likely to come up when you face your professional interview. Go through them in order to prepare well for the upcoming job interview and to clear it successfully.

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What do You Understand by Routing?

Routing is the process of taking Packet from source to final destination. Router is the device which does routing, which is based on destination ip address. Router does this process on hop by hop basis.

What is the Role of Data Link in Networking?

This layer makes sure data is formatted the correct way, takes care of error detection and makes sure data is delivered reliably. This is layer where “Ethernet” lives. MAC Addresses and Ethernet frames are on the Data Link layer.

Why are Switches Used in Networking?

Switches are designed to scale the network in an appropriate manner. Switches are by default layer 2 device, so doing look up based on mac-address, hence increasing the speed.

What is Meant by Network Congestion?

When a number of users (exceeding the limit and strength of the network channel) use or try to use the same networking bandwidth, congestion occurs, as the network fails to accommodate so many users. Since low speed interface does not have enough space to hold the data, hence data is dropped.

What is the Role of the Bridge? Can it divide the Network into Small Fractions or Segments?

The bridge filters the network, while not altering its size. It passes packets of data between any 2 network segments that work on the same and unique communication protocol.

CISCO Catalyst functions through which LAN Switching Protocol?

CISCO Catalyst 5000 uses the “cut-through” switching protocol and method. Cut-Through switching will begin forwarding the frame as soon as the destination address is identified. The difference between this and Store-and-Forward is that Store-and-Forward receives the whole frame before forwarding. The example of store and forward is Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S
Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X.
Since frame errors cannot be detected by reading only the destination address, Cut-Through may impact network performance by forwarding corrupted or truncated frames. These bad frames can create broadcast storms where in several devices on the network respond to the corrupted frames simultaneously.

What Job is Held by the LLC Sublayer?

LLC or Logical Link Control layer is useful towards providing more options to any application developer. For instance, it can provide the service of flow control by using and employing the start/stop codes. The layer can also be used towards the correction of errors.

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What Role does Application Layer Play in Networking?

The 3 major functions of an application layer are:
● This is the layer which provide the interface between user and application.
● This is the layer which provide access to various application, for example, mail services, web services, file services etc.
● To synchronize and align the applications for both client and server.

What is the difference between IGRP and RIP?

While IGRP evaluates factors like reliability, bandwidth, hop count and MTU to deduce and provide the best routing network, RIP solely relies on the hop numbers in order to know which route can best use for a network.

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What is meant by Boot P?

The workstations that do not have the disks and are connected to any given network are booted by using the Boot P protocol. The acronym stands for the “Boot Program”. Other than this, Boot P is also used by the workstations to know the address of their own, and the server PC’s IP address.

These are some questions that may be asked in the interview. But the questions can be from any topic that you had studied during studying for the  CCNA Certification Course . You should go through all topics and study in-depth in order to face the interview with more confidence. This would also ensure your success.

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