Boost your IT Career with an AWS certification

By Aarav Goel 22-Jul-2022
Boost your IT Career with an AWS certification
The IT industry is evolving every day and creating new jobs for professionals. To keep up with this fast pace of change, professionals are now developing new skill sets to achieve higher roles with better pay at top companies.
The most in-demand skills of the IT industry are in the domain of cloud computing and an AWS certified professional is wanted by every top IT company. Koenig has developed unique AWS training courses which come with an Exam Pass Guarantee.
Read on further to find out the experience and study hours you need for an AWS Certification, how this course will offer you structured training with a step by step methodology where you can follow your own schedule for training. Also find out respective AWS Certifications cost.

What is this certification about ?

AWS Certification demonstrates your technical expertise which will help you advance your career in AWS Cloud. Potential employers look for this certification to find cloud experts.
AWS certification has four proficiency levels- Foundational, Associate, Professional and Specialty based on their difficulty and the prerequisites required for certification. These AWS certifications cost anywhere between 100 to 300 USD depending on the level you are applying for, Koenig provides 16 specialised customized programs for different AWS certifications.

Can you break into this high demand industry of Cloud computing?

IT professionals with AWS certification are the most sought out candidates in job interviews.
These courses are ideal for system administrators, solution architects and software developers who want to get into the cloud computing industry. To be recognized as a good candidate for any of the roles in this industry, an AWS certification is an essential demonstration of your skills and knowledge in cloud architecture, security and management.


Great exposure and higher pay

Today there is a high demand for AWS certified cloud experts and this training is the perfect means to revive and develop your IT career with higher pay and better opportunities for your future. It has been found that undergoing such training to obtain an AWS certification can help increase the income of the average IT professional by 25.9%. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, an AWS certification is one of the highest paying certifications in the world. 

Job Opportunities after completing AWS certification

On completion of this training, you will be ready to obtain an AWS Certification. Based on the AWS certification you acquire, you will have the following job openings.

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What are you waiting for?

Seniors have been advising college students and freshers to get AWS certified! This industry is set to disrupt every business in the coming years. Identify the trend and get on board with it while you still can! Log on to the official Koenig site and find out which AWS certification is most suitable for you and start training ! 


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