Cracking the Hadoop Developer Interview – What You Need to Know and Do?

By Archer Charles 15-Mar-2023
Cracking the Hadoop Developer Interview – What You Need to Know and Do?

Apache Hadoop is a free, open-source; Java-based software framework primarily intended for distributed storage and distributed processing of humongous amount of data commonly known as Big Data. It can be considered as a wise decision on your part to invest some time gaining requisite knowledge of Hadoop and its application so that you are successful in cracking the Hadoop developer interview.

In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important points that you need to keep in mind if you desire to land that cushy and mentally stimulating job as a Hadoop developer.

What Hadoop Developer is all about?

If you are entirely new to the subject, let us begin with the example of a software developer instead of a Hadoop developer. In fact there is only a subtle difference between the two as both are responsible for writing codes and programming. The only difference is that Hadoop developer works in a Big Data environment. Big data refers to very large volumes of data measured in petabytes, exabyte and zettabyte, which are beyond the processing power of traditional data processing applications.

How is Hadoop Useful?

The biggest advantage of  Hadoop administration  is that it can process huge amount of data. Industries operating in tourism, healthcare, finance, advertising, etc need Hadoop to create, manage, analyse and process large volumes of data.

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At a different level, Hadoop is also fault tolerant. It means it offers unhindered continuity as the system quickly relocates to another location in an event of a lost node.

Tips and tricks to crack the Hadoop Interview

First and foremost you need to have good knowledge of different prototypes, designs, theories, principles, etc that constitute Hadoop. More importantly you should possess the ability to apply that knowledge. Also, hone your communication skills so that you can put forward your views in an efficient manner. Be well-versed with your domain and keep yourself updated with the current and expected trends in this field. Remember there is no substitute to hard work, and with the right materials and hard work, you can successfully manage to find your dream job as a  Hadoop developer  in a top level organization.

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