CEH v11 Exam Preparation & Clearance Tips

By Michael Warne 15-Jul-2022
CEH v11 Exam Preparation & Clearance Tips

The world of information security online is a battle between two groups of people – Hackers with malicious intent of stealing data and Certified Ethical Hackers working with organizations to eliminate and reduce these breaches. Becoming a CEH professional requires a high-level of acumen and interest in the field, however, enrolling in an ethical hacking course equips students with the relevant knowledge to identify flaws and loopholes in security systems and offer relevant solutions. From joining a CEH Certification course to clearing the CEH certification exam, there is much to do, and here we are sharing the best tips to help prepare for the exam.

  1. Know which CEH exam to give – First understand the levels of CEH certification and choose the most apt one. Choosing the beginner or the advanced level will all depend upon educational qualifications and experience in the field. The EC council offers the certifications – check out the course eligibilities at their website before finalizing the one to pursue.
  2. Choose the best CEH institute – The best way to prepare for any exam is with the help of an online CEH institute. Don’t just go by the information available on the website of the institute, read online reviews, get in touch with the tutors or mentors, and get doubts clarified. Do ensure the training center is certified by the necessary institutes and authorities.
  3. Self-study is also an option – The prerequisite for self study is 2 Years Experience If not interested in joining an institute, the option of self-study is quite convenient for CEH aspirants. Join forums to get clarity and answers to difficult queries and topics. These books offer all topics necessary to clear the exam. Be sure to get the Version 9 study guide to become a certified ethical hacker and then study it completely and thoroughly.
  4. Set a schedule – Most students seeking a CEH certification would already be working in full-time jobs, and therefore setting a schedule to study is of utmost importance. It, however, stands to reason following the schedule should be a priority. Be reasonable while setting the schedule, taking into account, professional and familial commitments.
  5. Know the topics thoroughly–Any study undertaken for an ethical hacking course will require knowledge on the study topics. All solutions advised should be practical and usable in real-life scenarios. That’s the reason the test is stringent, requiring candidates to answer 125 questions in four hours. It is understood, that apart from having an in-depth knowledge of the topics, learning how to manage time and stress is vital.
  6. Do practice tests – Self-study or study in an institute, both require a lot of practice tests to be completed in a scheduled time. CEH practice tests are available online and will help identify areas not understood properly. An exam tests you in 52 skill areas, and these tests are a great way to know weakness.
  7. Know your weaknesses and strengths – The more practice is put in, the higher are the chances of weaknesses to be highlighted. Spend more time understanding the weak areas, join forums to get clarity or get doubts cleared by instructors at the institute. Remember, the aim is to clear the CEH exam in one go, and thus, clarity of concepts for all areas cannot be ignored.
  8. Seek help from colleagues – As mentioned earlier, most CEH certification seekers are already in a job, and informing colleagues, seniors and teammates is important. They can be of immense help when the time is needed to prepare or appear for the exam. A point to remember is they are there to help, and if some of them are already CEH certified, they can share their own tips for success.
  9. Don’t forget rest and exercise –These words can be very difficult to follow, but, it is scientifically proven that a healthy body and a rested mind can help to solve problems better and faster. Meditation is also recommended to deal with stress. So, throughout the preparation, take ample rest, and continue with the exercise routine until the day of the exams.

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BONUS TIP – Reach the center before time – Well, this tip is not for exam preparation but it is an important one for success. This is an advice given out to one and all as reaching at least half-an-hour before time will save you any hassles. With facilities such as Google Map, calculate the time needed to reach, especially if the center is in not in a familiar area. Keep in mind, this tip will save you stress and not eat away time and energy needed for giving the best during the course of the exam.

As was mentioned in the beginning of the article, ethical hacking is the requirement of the industry, as once the course is cleared candidates will be expected to think like a criminal, looking for loopholes and weaknesses in IT systems. The difference is that a CEH certified professional works for the organization with the aim to provide solutions for these weaknesses while the criminals leverage these weaknesses for their personal gain. A CEH Certification will enable a person to tests systems seeking the loopholes, and provide them the technical know-how required to offer solutions to eliminate the weaknesses.

In conclusion, this is not an easy course to do. It requires commitment, effort and intelligence, and clearing it will not be a ‘piece of cake’. The above tips will help you plan and study better, but the effort required to study or the time needed to do the research or practice tests is something you have to put in to clear the CEH exam and show organizations across the world that you have the aptitude to keep their IT systems safe from abuse.

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