Complete Guide for Hadoop Administration

In not more than 5 years, Hadoop will alone process more than half of the world data. The new technology is hot, and companies are in dire need of candidates who possess the  Hadoop certification.

Introduction to Hadoop

The Java programming network Hadoop is purely open-source and is meant for processing the larger and huge data sets that are found within the computer environment. As Hadoop uses the inexpensive servers for processing the data, companies and businesses like and prefer the model for its cost effectiveness. Other benefits of the programming framework include parallel processing of different kinds of data distributed widely, scalability, optimisation of the data localities, support of the larger node clusters, and management of the failovers in an automatic way.

The 2 major components of the  Hadoop administration  framework include MapReduce and HDFS. Hadoop divides each successive data part into very small data packs or chunks and these data packets are stored within the separate and different nodes, the nodes being located within the clusters. Hadoop is very time efficient and its time frame for storing the big or small data onto the memory of the disc is quite small. Hadoop also replicates all the data on other machines which are located within the cluster and the copies made are in direct proportion to the replication factor. As the various data copies can be easily processed at the same time, the data processing time gets reduced.

Hadoop certification hence shows that you can use the data management framework for increasing the efficiency of an organisation. Companies are today in constant search of the Hadoop certification holders, which shows the reliability and skills that you possess are ideal for taking on the job responsibilities related to Big Data processing.

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Why Hadoop Certification for your Career ?

Hadoop is the new way of handling big data, and the Hadoop certified professionals are required in insurance, healthcare, finance, retail, energy and many other business segments and verticals. The implementation of Hadoop has been tremendously successful and many IT professionals have changed their career path in order to accommodate the new technology. Hadoop is now preferred over Mainframe, Java, and Data warehouses and in the coming future, the new framework is going to be the first choice towards data analysis and processing.

Benefits of Hadoop Training

Hadoop training and certification have numerous benefits for both professional IT professionals and the freshers.

  1. The certification is in demand and the companies are actively looking for the candidates who possess the requisite Hadoop certification and skills.
  2. The Hadoop certification brings to you both salary and position hike, and you can earn more than others after passing the course successfully.
  3. Those new to the Hadoop framework and environment can pass the certification and get the skills and knowledge towards adoption to the framework and its implementation.
  4. As the training is real-time and helps you process the real world situations and data, the certification shows that you possess hands down experience in the desired areas.
  5. Shows that you are aware of all aspects of the latest technology and can help train others as well when hired by a company.

How to Prepare for Hadoop Certification

The Hadoop certification course involves around 30 hours of online and live training that is organised and imparted by the trained, authorised and certified Instructors. You may get some flexibility towards the timings at which you wish to learn the course. You will also have to take on the assignments, and the real life case studies that help you get hands-on experience in the real world job scenario. There are not many difficulties involved in learning the course, as a leading online course provider will offer you the 24*7 available online support that comes straight from the experts. You also get access to forums where you can indulge in direct peer-to-peer interaction and share your knowledge while gaining from the experiences of others. Apart from these perks and course learning privileges, you also get access to the learning management system, which constantly upgrades your knowledge and skills and helps you stay abreast with the latest upgrades and changes relating to Hadoop.

Hadoop Curriculum

The major subjects and topics covered by the Hadoop certification course include:

  • Hadoop and Big Data architecture
  • HDFS
  • MapReduce framework
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Advanced HBase and Hive
  • Advanced HBase
  • Hadoop and Oozie project
  • Processing and distribution of data by the use of Apache Spark
The online education institute will set-up the virtual machine within your computer system and will provide you with local access. The LMS or the Learning Management System will have all the downloading and installation related information that you will need to go through the course. Case studies will come to you at the end of the course and you will be using architecture sand frameworks like HIVE, PIG, MapReduce and HBase for performing analytics on the Big Data in real time. These case studies are industry-specific and are related to the business sector including media, aviation, retail, finance, and others.
As all the teaching and training session are stored within the LMS, you won’t be missing any of the classes and can go through them at any time you wish. Apart from the LMS, the live sessions also run the classes again for the different batches and you can learn the topics that you have missed in the next lecture or class session.

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What are the Prerequisites for Hadoop Certification?

While there no prerequisites towards enrolling for the Hadoop certification, it is better if you possess knowledge relating to SL and Core Java. You can learn the Java skills or can brush them up by joining another short term course.
You need to have a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM, along with an i3 processor (or more advanced) to join the course online and to learn it successfully. In case you fail to achieve one or both of the system requirements, you can also be provided with a remote access to the Hadoop cluster by your certification institute.

Why Hadoop Training is Must for Your Career

The best of companies of the world, including the MNCs of substantial size need IT professionals who can manage the large amounts of data that they need to use or store. The data size can be very overwhelming and extract the precise and right information out of it can be a very difficult task. Those who pass the Hadoop certification successfully can achieve the goal rather easily. As the Hadoop system is getting to be more and more relevant and ubiquitous every passing week and month, a certification in this area can bring to you much success in the niche.
Hadoop training focuses on imparting you all the Big Data processing skills and aims to make you a certified Big Data practitioner. The hands down training are related to the best practices and ecosystem of MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie and other data processing architectures. Hadoop training imparts you the necessary skills and knowledge in areas including:

Different kinds of data frameworks

  • Understanding of the Hadoop 2x architecture
  • Setup of the Hadoop cluster and writing of the complex map reduction programs
  • Commencing on data analytics by using Hive, Pig, and YARN among other architectures and models
  • Integration of Map Reduce and implementation of H Base
  • Scheduling of jobs via Oozie
  • Working in RDD understanding of Spark and its whole ecosystem
  • Working on the real-life projects and exploring the analytics related to big data.
Recent surveys also indicate that the importance of Hadoop as a Big Data processing framework is only going to increase in near future. Reports say that Hadoop market will be around $99.31 billion by the end of the year 2022, and will grow at a rate of around 42.1 in near future.
Learning big data and Hadoop is fruitful for not only freshers but also the trained IT professionals. Developers, architects, testing, BI, DDW, and the ETL professionals can all learn to expand their skills and use them towards big data processing.

Hadoop Certification Process

The expert of the online Hadoop training agency will examine your final project, and if you pass the certification successfully, you will be awarded the Big Data and Hadoop certificate. The certification enjoys recognition and tremendous acceptance. Many leading companies and MNCs are the training partners of the renowned  online coaching and training institutes , and these include Wipro, Nokia, Cisco, Ford, IBM and the like. You can hence be assured that your certification is authentic and will be providing you with a job of high repute and salary.
The Hadoop certification will make you eligible for a salary of $98 k or more and with experience, the remuneration increases further. There are more than 4.4 million big data jobs for you now, and the opportunities are increasing at a rate of 12%. Hadoop developers are the best and most sought after data engineers today, and you can join the bandwagon now to explore new career horizons.

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