Steps to Becoming a Database Administrator

All the business data is stored and maintained through a complex process, with utmost care. The sensitivity and criticality of this task is the reason why the domain of database administration is booming.

The job growth rate of certified database managers is increased by 20% in the year 2018. Profile of Database administrator is popular in several industries, including large corporate companies and government offices.

If you are planning to enter this domain, the DBA certification is a must. After the completion of Database Management Training, individuals can look for computer service consulting or can also be self-employed and work as a DBA.

What is Database Administrator?

A database administrator is a professional who is in charge of taking care of the end-to-end information management needs of a firm. The database is created by them to fulfil the needs of the business. Their primary task is to ensure that databases are operating correctly and are secured. Additionally, they are responsible to merge old and new databases and fix issues related to it. A Database Administrator works on database management systems software to store and organize the data of the company.

Role of Database Administrator

The basic role of database administrators is to develop, install, analyse, organize, and protect the huge data systems inside a business firm that store confidential information. Database Administrator can also work on e-commerce websites, healthcare websites etc. The primary function of the database developers is to create and safeguard the network structures which responds information based on the user’s queries.

Career Eligibility Requirements

In order to get into the field of database management, an individual must have a bachelor degree in the management information systems, computer science, IT or a similar domain. The main skills to be a Database Management is – one must have exceptionally well analytical and logical skills. Apart from that, the person should possess critical-thinking, decision-making skills and operational analysis too. The individual must have Database Management Certification to start a career. Here are some additional criteria:

  • The individual must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Management information systems, computer science or similar domain.
  • The person should have at least 1-5 years in the field.

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Steps to Becoming a Database Administrator

Here are the steps which should be followed to become a Database Administrator

Step 1: Get a Bachelor’s Degree

In order to become a Database Administrator, the individual should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science field which concentrates on database systems, networks and information technology. The 4 years course will cover significant topics related to database systems, data structure, data communications etc. In short, the course will provide with an insight of DBA training.

In order to shine above the competition, look for DBA certification from a recognized institution like Koenig Solution. Moreover, you can complete an internship to understand the kind of real-time tasks performed by a database administrator

Step 2: Start your Career as a Database Developer

Many database administrators have started their career graph being a data analysts or database developers initially. As per the profile of database developer, the individual incorporates all the database technologies, gather information and analyse the efficiency of the database in a real time.

Additionally, you will get complete Database Management Training to collect, manage and analyse the data in the database while working as a data analysts. These skills are enough to get you industry certifications.

You can apply for Microsoft, Cisco, and SQL Database Management Certification to get voluntary certifications by using their products. Before applying for the certification, the individual must have completed DBA Courses and training.

Step 3: Apply for the Position of Database Manager

After having a good 18 months’ work experience in the field of database management, the individual qualifies for the position of Database Manager. The job role of the database manager is to ensure that all the data in the databases are properly collected, organized and operated. The data should be easy to view and manage; this will help the data analysts to perform their work in an efficient way.

Step 4: Apply for Master’s Degree

In order to excel in the field of database management, DBA training is not enough, it is crucial for the database managers to have a Master’s Degree. Large scale firms usually prefer to hire Database Manager who carries a graduate degree. The master degrees can be taken in the field of database technologies or database management. The field of business intelligence is also open. The course includes exposure to mining of data, all aspects of database security, performance tuning, and backup etc.

Database Administrator Annual Salary

On an average, the annual salary of a database administrator is more than the pay of data communication analysts, telecommunication specialists and network analysts. Usually, with a bachelor’s degree and 18 months experience in the field of database management system, database managers can earn a lucrative paycheck of $69k to $82k per year.

Database Administrators who take care of corporate database systems often earn a higher package. Additionally, getting a Database Management Certification can hike the salary by 10- 15%.

If you have more queries or you want to get enrolled in a worthy DBA Training course, talk to Koenig Solutions or leave a comment below.

What are the Best Database Management Certifications?

Here are the two recognized Database Management certification to stay ahead in career:

1.Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) DBA 12c

Oracle Certified Associate DBA 12c is the first choice for all the It professional to boost the career graph. After obtaining the certification individuals can manage, maintain, and tackle big and complex business issues in the DBMS. The credibility of professionals is recognized globally and they can also expect a good hike in salary as compared to their peer. The aspiring candidates should have basic knowledge of computers and understandably of graphical user interface.

Oracle Certified Associate is Perfect choice for:

  • Database Developer
  • Database Analysts
  • Database Admin

2. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases certification is obtained after providing in-depth training about the SQL Server, planning query, creating database objects, parameters, functions. It is the best course for IT professionals who want to enhance their SQL Server skills.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Databases certification is the perfect choice for:

  • Database Managers
  • Database Senior Analysts
  • Database Team Leader

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