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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Training Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is a powerhouse in the world of database management systems . It's designed to support a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence, and analytics applications in corporate IT environments. With its advanced features like Always Encrypted technology, it ensures that your data is secure, both at rest and in transit.

In today's data-driven environment, the ability to store, retrieve, and analyze big data efficiently is crucial. SQL Server 2016 offers high performance , enhanced in-memory technologies , and rich JSON support , making it a go-to solution for enterprises that demand speed and reliability.

Learning SQL Server 2016 is essential for IT professionals aiming to specialize in database administration or data analysis . It opens up opportunities across industries, as companies like Dell, HP, and Microsoft themselves rely on this robust technology for their data solutions.

By mastering SQL Server 2016, users can implement SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for data integration, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) for data analytics, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for report generation. These use cases show the versatility of SQL Server 2016, making it an invaluable skill set in the world of IT.

Whether you're managing a small business database or a global enterprise system, SQL Server 2016 offers the scalability , security , and performance that modern businesses require to stay ahead.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification Courses Training & Exam Prep

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification Courses Training & Exam Prep

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification Courses Training & Exam Prep

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History of Microsoft SQL Server 2016

History of Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016, launched on June 1, 2016, marked a significant advancement in the evolution of Microsoft's flagship database management system. Building on a legacy of robustness and performance , SQL Server 2016 introduced groundbreaking features such as Always Encrypted technology, which ensures data security by encrypting data at rest and in transit, and the introduction of JSON support for seamless data interchange with web applications.

This version also brought enhanced analytics with PolyBase, integrating SQL with Big Data, and advanced analytics through R integration, allowing direct execution of R scripts in SQL databases. The Query Store feature revolutionized performance tuning by capturing a history of queries, execution plans, and runtime statistics.

Notably, SQL Server 2016 was a leap forward in making business intelligence more accessible through mobile BI capabilities, offering rich visualizations and insights on any device. With the Stretch Database feature, organizations could dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure, ensuring efficient use of on-premises storage.

As a trusted platform for enterprise applications, SQL Server 2016 strengthened Microsoft's position in the competitive database market, providing users with a scalable , secure , and innovative system designed for the modern data environment.

Recent Trends in Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Trends in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Recent advancements in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 continue to shape the landscape of database management, making it a cornerstone for businesses seeking robust data solutions . The integration of advanced analytics directly within the SQL Server database engine enables businesses to perform sophisticated analytics and machine learning at scale, driving actionable insights from their data.A key trend is the shift towards cloud compatibility , with SQL Server 2016 offering enhanced support for hybrid environments through Azure SQL Database . This allows for seamless data synchronization and backup, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery.Security remains a top priority, with innovative features like Always Encrypted technology, which ensures that sensitive data is never exposed in plaintext to the database system, providing a new level of data protection.The introduction of JSON support has streamlined the storage and querying of JSON data, allowing for interoperability with modern web and mobile applications. Moreover, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) has been updated to provide a more intuitive and feature-rich environment for database management, making it easier for professionals to maintain and optimize their data systems.Embracing these trends, Koenig Solutions offers in-depth training and certification programs to help IT professionals stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of Microsoft SQL Server technology.

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If one reschedules or cancels their examination before six business days, there are no cancellation fees. If the cancellation is one after those six business days before the examination, there will be a cancellation fee applied. If one fails to show up for the examination or attempts to cancel at around 24 hours before the examination, the certification exam is considered to be forfeited and the applicant will not receive any refund.

Yes, there is a great demand for professionals with knowledge for Microsoft SQL Server. As there are various levels of expertise that one can get certified in when it comes to a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification. Working professionals can use these certifications to increase their knowledge and expertise in operating on-premise and cloud database solutions provided by Microsoft.

A Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Certification is ideal for working professionals and freshers who want to expand their horizons and broaden their skills in the field of enterprise-wide database administration. The certification training courses are designed to help learners master monitoring, administering and deploying database infrastructures using Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016. The Microsoft SQL certifications are a great way for individuals and working professionals to upskill themselves in a competitive job market and increase their standing in the professional world.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification exam is available in only English.

Yes, the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification exams are available worldwide and taken at Pearson Vue test centers.

If a candidate is found cheating, using brain dump techniques, copying, using improper assistance, using the intellectual property of Microsoft, and more, they can get disqualified or banned from appearing for Microsoft certification exams.

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