Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Training Certification Course


The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 training and certification course explain you the most important features of SQL Server 2016 and how the server operates. The course contains everything that you need to know in order to create a database. The course lets you install a local copy of SQL Server, understand SQL Server Management Studio, create tables, define relationships, and write and run queries using Transact-SQL commands.

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Verbatim Student Feedback

Q1 Say something about the Trainer? Q2 How is Koenig different from other training Companies? Q3 Will you come back to Koenig for training?

Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Uba-nzemeka Augustine Nigeria Dec-2019 A1. was very welcoming, entertained questions, good technical background, always willing to take time to explain any areas that are not to clear, and fun to be around with.
Divya Sridhar Nov-2019 A1. The trainer Mr.Rahul was great knowledgeable and great tech skills
Yaw Owusu-akwamoah Ghana Nov-2019 A1. Goes into details for courses. Supportive with teaching and student Materials. Teaches and explain things from the student perspective for easy and better understanding.
Anandraj M N India Nov-2019 A2. Good to know about Koenig and been the leader in the Training industry with wide range of courses / training and certifications Looking forward for placement guidance and materialize it with best possible offers :-)
Joseph Kiggundu Uganda Nov-2019 A2. Koenig remains excellent in providing customized training for us who need flexibility in learning. Koenig also keeps courses fairly affordable, although of late I think prices have gone up a bit.
Mokhibuddin Syed Saudi Arabia Nov-2019 A1. Good Punctual
Avinash Kumar United Arab Emirates Oct-2019 A2. Its good to have a one on one session and i truly appreciate the fact that someone flew out of India just to train me . However it is always good to organize bigger sessions as it brings different perspective and participation .
James Jerry Biga Ghana Oct-2019 A1. interactive and practical trainer
Vinaykumar Marihal India Oct-2019 A1. Very soft spoken, well mannered, extensive knowledge on the subject. Felt it worth every minutes that has been spent on training.
Fahad A. Al-shohaieb Saudi Arabia Oct-2019 A1. well informed, helpful,
Frank Eugen Chuwa Tanzania Sep-2019 A2. Koenig has offered to me Professional service from training lab, materials, cleaness, great and highly knowledgable instructors, food and accomodation, I surely enjoyed every moment in Koenig. I also enjoy extra activities like touring Taj Mahal etc.
R.c. De Kruijf Netherlands Sep-2019 A2. Attitude and goalsetting. That is what I like.
Chandrababu Avula India Sep-2019 A2. The Lab Setup and Training Rooms are very good. I feel this will be one of the Best Training Center.
Yohanesh Chaulagain India Sep-2019 A2. The staff and the environment of the institute was very professional.
Suliman Afghanistan Sep-2019 A3. Definitely, I will choose Koenig for my future trainings.
Basant Mishra India Sep-2019 A2. Koenig offers training for every course that we could ask for. This is the one quality that makes it unique. The infrastructure of training institute is very good.
Darshan Patel India Sep-2019 A1. Good knowledge. but taking breaks many time in day
Saleh B. Alshamikh Saudi Arabia Sep-2019 A2. All most better
Filmon United States Sep-2019 A1. He is a very experienced IT instructor. Moreover he explains the training in connection with reality and different scenarios. In the future i would be delighted to attend more of his courses specially about Data as he posses a lot of knowledge and experience in that area.
Leandro Antoine Sardinha Matamba Angola Sep-2019 A2. Koenig provides excellent service, instructors quality, Labs conditions, coupons for meals and availability to support students for further issues for instance changes on the training schedule if necessary.
Selemawit Tesfamichael Eritrea Sep-2019 A2. the different is it is in person training he can read your face if you understand or not , or have some issues
Abdullah Mohammed Shamis Alshamsi United Arab Emirates Aug-2019 A1. Good
Keflemariam Gebretsadike United Arab Emirates Aug-2019 A2. Amazing assistance from Stella when inquiring information about the training offered by Koenig even on weekends and holidays. Training facility was great.
Amal Muhaisen Saudi Arabia Aug-2019 A2. Ver friendly staff and welcoming also. it's quite and has a perfect environment for studying and training.
Leandro Angola Aug-2019
Jonathan Mia Veta Andre Angola Aug-2019 A1. Mr. Bhavesh was very patient with me during the training. His teaching method and presentation are very easy to undestand. He is a certified by microsoft and knows the content of the training.
Khalid Alomari Saudi Arabia Jul-2019
Sale Abdullahi Nigeria Jul-2019
Dilip Gangur India Jul-2019 A2. It's very professional and give importance for trainees.
Sandeep Choudhary India Jul-2019 A1. Friendly, he is ready to modify course content as per your specific need. Great command over the topic. really enjoyed my training with him.
John Philips Oman Jun-2019 A1. Very knowledgable in his subject; whenever we got stuck on some unidentifiable issues, he could analyse and find out where we were stuck and clear the issue which was really impressive; Training pace was good; Language and tone is fine; Overalll, I rate him as good: Improvements that can be done - Presentation document can be a bit more visual.
Khadija Ahmed Al Balushi Oman Jun-2019 A2. good , location , preparation . but if there is any hardcopy to support the training it will be great .When I take training in other companies ,they provided book copy. which can be a reference for future
Satish Kokitkar India May-2019 A2. I observed training labs are quite perfect, training conducted as per scheduled timing as per committed, other resources are also good and satisfactory. All staff are co-operative and helpful.
Chiyesu Kalaba Zambia May-2019 A1. He is a subject mater expert for the courses covered. Went out of his way covering concepts which were prerequisites for the courses for which I had no background in.
Francis Duraisami Saudi Arabia May-2019 A1. Good Knowledge and flexible in answering questions
Murawweh Daher Palestinian Territory Apr-2019 A1. He have a lot of information and good experience, also he answered all questions that asked to him. Really he is perfect.
Roshan Faizal India Apr-2019 A3. Koenig staff always made sure we were comfortable and open to feedback at all times. They turn around time to address our concerns were very less and really impressed me.
Lars Schlaepfer Apr-2019
Damian Martinez United Kingdom Mar-2019 A3. I am very happy that I took the training with Koenig, the experience has been great, the setup and format for the virtual training is excellent, for sure I will repeat with you.
Anand Naidu India Mar-2019 A1. - Rahul has very good knowledge and command on SQL Server topics. - We found him to be very accommodative with our queries some of them being beyond course content. - He has a pleasant personality
Khawla United Arab Emirates Mar-2019 A1. Professional and he knows how to deliver the information
Marius Nyirimbibi Rwanda Mar-2019 wish to continue remaining courses in order to be MCSA certified
Armando Microsse Mozambique Mar-2019 One of the best services in the market, best course and with affordable prices.
Balraj Sanghera United Kingdom Mar-2019 The centre was in the right location and was Micosoft certified.
Jones Mwende Tanzania Mar-2019 Accomodation,Transport and Trainers and the labs
Dieudonne Rucyahana Rwanda Feb-2019 their best facilities and best instructors
Dan Morres Germany Jan-2019 The quality of courses for the price cannot be beat
Nwabufo Samuel Ezika Nigeria Jan-2019 Excellent Instructors and Excellent Hospitality Skills
Praveen Kumar K R India Jan-2019 Highly professional trainer as well providing good platform (learning/practical) on top most technologies for corporate folks !!!

Who should do Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Training and Certification Course?

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Scientists

Most Popular New Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 comes with additional new features along with various improvements and enhancements.

  • Query Store – The Query Store saves query texts, execution plans and performance metrics within the database and enables easy monitoring and managing performance issues.
  • Polybase – The new Polybase query engine combines SQL Server and external data in Hadoop or Azure Blob storage. This enables you to import and export data and execute queries.
  • Stretch Database – The Stretch Database enables you to archive data present in a local SQL Server database to an Azure SQL database in the cloud.
  • JSON Support – JSON Support handles JSON imports, exports, parsing and storing.
  • Row Level Security – Row Level Security lets users see only the relevant data by restricting data access to database engine level.
  • Always Encrypted – The service enables access to the encrypted data only to the application having the encryption key.


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is another version of Microsoft’s Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). SQL Server 2016 is a SQL based database that aids transaction processing, analytics applications and data warehousing in organizations. With the help of SQL server 2016, Microsoft is able to deliver a unique data management and business analytics solution required for high-end applications.

Learning SQL can prove to be one of the greatest career moves for anybody. SQL enables you to get the answers for all the data related queries on your own and refrains you from depending upon anybody. Moreover, getting certified in SQL makes you an asset for many IT firms and becomes a reason for your high salary and enhanced growth prospects.

SQL Server is Microsoft’s relational database management system (RDBMS) that supports applications related to transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications. It is a full-featured database and considered as one of the three leading database technologies, other two being Oracle Database and IBM’s DB2.

The new and advanced features in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 include Query Store, Polybase, Stretch Database, JSON Support, Row Level Security and Always Encrypted, among others.

The job roles include: 1. Writing queries for front-end applications 2. Checking query performance 3. Designing database tables 4. Creating table indexes to increase performance of database 5. Designing database triggers for automation 6. Programming views, stored procedures and functions

The average salary ranges from $60,042 per annum for a Data Analyst to $100,611 per annum for a Senior Software Engineer, as per surveys done by PayScale.