What are the Advantages of Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification?

Big Data is no longer about the future – it is a necessity of big businesses as companies now require data storage, data possession and analysis. The processes can be automated but the need for human analysis exists, because without understanding trends and behaviors, data is just a pile of numbers. Analytical skills are all important for data management and companies across the world are seeking professionals who have an intuitive mind that can be trained to look at big data and create an insightful picture; this can further help businesses create effective production, operational or marketing strategies. So, yes, every penny invested in a Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification is worth it.

But, let’s begin with the advantages cloudera hadoop developer certification

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Job Titles and Prospects after Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification

Since the job entails studying data, the titles Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, are the job titles available to a certified Hadoop Developer. The jobs are much in demand across the world and a study by the McKinsey Global Institute puts an estimated shortage of 190,000 data scientists in the US alone. If interested in numbers, do the math and calculate the global figures.

A proper Hadoop Certification aids in enhancing and advancing an applicant’s profile from the other contenders and boosts the chances of getting the job, when all other aspects stand equal. Currently, various companies ask for Hadoop certifications from the top vendor like Cloudera, MapR or Hortonworks etc. as an essential and obligatory job requirement. A Cloudera Hadoop certification is crucial for administrators, developers, data analysts or engineers seeking professional growth in the field.

Salary Perks of Cloudera Hadoop Developer

Ask a young person looking to establish a career and the one common advice is – learn how to read data. It is the hottest career choice with median salaries much higher than other scientists. A Skills and Salary Survey Reports states that a data analyst can earn up to $130,000 per year, while in India it can be between Rs. 4,05,880-5,825,000. The huge salaries come with an ability to read data, get insights and share them with the other teams in the organization, who can shift focus accordingly.

Salary hikes and promotions are the most important benefits of a Cloudera Hadoop Certification. To cope up with this modern generation of analysis, all software platforms and associated certified acquaintance and proficiencies are offering incomparable high-paying breaks to IT experts to work in the area of big data. Additionally, the chances of promotion increase three fold, as does the candidate’s credibility to manage and analyse data effectively.

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Universal Adoption of Big Data

Data has always been around but with the Internet came Big Data. In the initial days as people flocked to the search engine platforms such as yahoo, the data gathered was huge. Amr Adwallah, one of the high-flying geeks who led the charge towards change, was amongst the first ever to use the Hadoop analysis to look at the humongous Yahoo data, find a pattern and adapt changes accordingly. Other bigwigs have followed, and now, executives from across the world can join a Hadoop Certification course to familiarise themselves with the study of data. Today, no company can think of managing or understanding the humongous data it accumulates without the wisdom and insight of a trained specialist.

The Cloudera Hadoop training course not only aspires to present businesses and associations with experienced and knowledgeable data analysis experts but it as well look to cover up requirements for management and development proficiency to sustain healthy and vigorous Hadoop connections for CDH platforms.

Types of Cloudera Certifications

However, to become like the trail-blazers, or get salaries five times more than others at the same level of hierarchy, the first thing to understand is the Hadoop Certification. Cloudera presents express and enterprise editions of its Cloudera allocations such as Apache Hadoop, which is commonly referred as CDH, with changeable certify models. It also offers a free uncorroborated download of the main CDH software.

Cloudera certification is considered as the Red Hat training certification in the domain of Hadoop. Cloudera is by far the largest Hadoop delivery dealer on the marketplace in provisions of market share as well as mindshare.

For Big Data professionals, Cloudera provides 2 main certifications, both of which confirm a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency in big data as well as other highly developed logical skills.

  • CCP (Cloudera Certified Professional) – The certification checks the performing capabilities and expertise of the aspirants and determines their ability to proficiently handle the responsibilities of a data scientists or data engineers. The analytical expertise of professionals is checked via two varied certification exams, i.e.-
  1. CCP Data Engineer
  2. CCP Data Scientist
  • CCA (Cloudera Certified Associate) – This certification is the basic introductory level big data proficiencies certification course that appraises the applicant’s comprehension of Hadoop via two varied certification tests, i.e.-
  1. CCA Hadoop and Spark Developer
  2. Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)

Both the certifications of Cloudera have different fee rates. The CCA certification costs between 18 to 20 thousand rupees and CCP certification cost between 20 to 25 thousand rupees. Although, the Hadoop certification cost may seem a bit high to some aspirants in India, professional growth, salary and satisfaction, far outweigh the costs.

Is Cloudera Hadoop Certification Really Worth It?

Big Data and Hadoop are both the giants of the technology world and companies are investing a lot in training their people in these technologies. Knowing the importance of it, it is an extremely good idea to prepare for and thereby, get the Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification.

Taking the Cloudera Hadoop Certification exam and clearing it will open the prospective doors of various organisations from Big Data startups to multinational companies who require this certification in the resume of the IT professionals. Though Hadoop is an open source platform, Cloudera certification appends significant worth by offering strong security, policy-driven data supremacy, recognised system management plus loads of important system assimilation to fetch all sources of data collectively underneath its umbrella.

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