Top 15 SCCM Interview Questions and Answers 2023 (Updated)
As SCCM is one of the most widely used software suites for managing computers and networks, the SCCM Certification holders are being looked for and actively hired by both business and non-profit organizations. In the US a configuration manager gets a salary of around US$ 82,000 a year.
The SCCM hands-on training (that a candidate undergoes while pursuing the certification) focuses on providing the candidate skills related to assessing the client and company servers and these professionals can also deploy, manage, and update the devices and servers. SCCM experts are also required to align the network and systems and make them fully comply with the configurations. Their role is hence very important towards improving operational efficiency and for maintaining the security of the systems. 

Most Frequently Asked SCCM Interview Questions You Must Prepare In 2023

Here are some most frequently asked questions that you as an SCCM certification holder may face when you appear for the interview for the post of Configuration Manager.

Q1- Define the Term SMS Provider

Answer - SMS provider can also be called as the WMI or Windows Management Instrumentation provider. It is used by Configuration Manager or CM console of the SCCM software and provides “read” as well as “write” access to the database of networking configuration-manager website.

Q2- What is SCCM?

Answer - System Center Configuration Manager is the abbreviation for SCCM. It is a product from Microsoft product suite which helps organizations to manage their infrastructure on a day to day basis. It is one of the Microsoft Certifications

Q3- Can the 64-bit Operating System Support the Configuration Manager Console

Answer - Yes. While the CM console of SCCM is 32-bit program structure, it can be also run on the 62-bit Window version.

Q4- Define the Term Limiting Collection

Answer - All collections are the subsets of their limiting collections. Whenever a new collection is created the developer must specify its limiting collection.

Q5- Can Members of other Collections be included or Excluded in a Collection?

Answer - Yes, now it can be done. The new 2012 CM (Configuration Manager) has new sets of rules for this. These are the “include” and the “exclude” collection rules. These rules provide for inclusion and exclusion of collections that have membership elsewhere.

Q6- How is the Windows Server Update Service or WSUS used?

Answer - The WSUS service allows the administrators to extract and deploy all the latest product updates from Microsoft to a computer that runs on the Windows operating system.

Q7- Can CM (Configuration Manager) 2007 Provide for Packaging the Software towards its Distribution?

Answer - The configuration manager cannot package any kind of software towards distribution.

Q8- Can a Computer Configuration Manager Console show before the Client is Installed?

Answer - If a discovery method is there, the console can show up. But its features including software distribution, inventory, and management of software updates among others will only get revealed when the client components are fully installed.

Q9- Do all Collections get Incremental Updates?

Answer - No, a certain class of collections that use query rules towards configuration are not supported by incremental updates.

Q10- Define the term all Unknown Computer Collection?

Answer - This collection has two objects, which allow the user to deploy the operating systems to the PCs, which are not managed by the configuration manager. The operating systems are therefore unknown to the CM. These computers include those that have not been discovered by the CM; not imported into the CM; or, the computers in which the CM has not been installed.

Q11- How Many Default Management a Website can have?

Answer - While the user can configure a number of management points within a site, only one of them can be the default management point and can be configured as the same. A way to have multiple default management points is that the user configures a number of management points to NLB or Network Load Balancing cluster. He or she can subsequently configure this NLB cluster to be the default management point.


Q12- Name the Various Kinds of sites that are found in SCCM 2007

Answer -  These includes:

  • Primary Site: this site is for managing clients of the networks with good connections.
  • Secondary Site: this site is for controlling the distribution of content for the client network that is located in remote location. The links of these networks have limited bandwidth.
  • Parent Site: this site is located at the topmost level of the hierarchy.
  • Child Site: a site that falls under an established site within a structure and gets more information from the site is called a child site.

Q13- Can I use the SCCM Framework for creating collections that have only Linux servers or only a Mac Computer Network and the like?

Answer - The configuration manager stores unique and specific ID for all different kinds of devices which may include Mac computers network, Windows computer and computer network, Linux computers and the like. The user can create a new collection that has a specific query rule, which will provide for returning of only those devices that have the specific ID.

Q14- Differentiate between the native and the Mixed Mode?

Answer - The Native mode is a secure solution and provides for better encryption and authentication while using the standard security protocols for signing in. It can also integrate with the PKI and also support the online client management system.

The Mixed mode does not require PKI deployment and hence does not have any kind of external dependency. It supports the clients that run the SMS 2003 version.


Q15- Define the Term Software Metering?

Answer - Software metering provides for the monitoring and collection of all data that is related to the use of the software on the different clients of CM or Configuration Manager.

You can pursue an SCCM certification and training online. Leading online education services provide you hands-on training related to the implementation and use of the SCCM software in the real world. The instructor-led classes and training, online and offline classroom lectures, practice paper sets, learning material and other kinds of resources help you prepare better for the exam and pass it with flying colors.

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