Top SCCM Interview Questions & Answers You Must Know in 2021

As SCCM is one of the most widely used software suites for managing computers and networks, the SCCM Certification holders are being looked for and actively hired by both business and non-profit organizations. In the US a configuration manager gets a salary of around US$ 82,000 a year. The SCCM hands-on training (that a candidate undergoes while pursuing the certification) focuses on providing the candidate skills related to assessing the client and company servers and these professionals can also deploy, manage, and update the devices and servers. SCCM experts are also required to align the network and systems and make them fully comply with the configurations. Their role is hence very important towards improving operational efficiency and for maintaining the security of the systems. 

Here are some questions that you as an SCCM certification holder may face when you appear for the interview for the post of Configuration Manager.