Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer Salary

By Archer Charles 03-May-2023
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer Salary

We all have heard about how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is going on in full swing and is an upcoming market trend. But the real question which arrives is how much could a person earn through it? How much demand is there in the market? How much ever we work hard, in the end, all that matters would be how much would you earn from it? In this blog, we are going to see how much is the average salary of an RPA Developer.

Before we get right into the salary part, let us check out who an RPA Developer is, an RPA Developer's roles, and what skills you may require to become one. Let's dive right into it.

Who is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer

An RPA developer is someone who works in and out of business operations and business analysts to generate and enhance workflow processes. The primary role of the RPA developer is to design, build, and execute software robots or bots to work side by side with humans to increase the business performance of the process. The RPA Developer also needs to ensure that the automation is achieving its designated results. The job includes understanding the procedure that needs to be implemented, reviewing the feasibility of automating that specified task, and designing and improving the process's future state.

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Skills Needed for an RPA Developer

Before we jump into talking about money, let us first see what all skills would you require to be an RPA Developer

  • Basic programming knowledge
  • RPA knowledge (Preferably a certificate)
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Handling exceptions
  • Patience

What is the Salary of a RPA Developer

The demand for RPA Developers has seen a tremendous rise from 2016 to 2018 and would continue further. The table below shows the number of vacancies available for an RPA Developer-

India 6000
USA 5800
Canada 1400
United Kingdom 1300
Germany 800
Australia 600
France 500
Netherlands 400

The salary may depend on the given points-

  • Position based
  • Role-based
  • Company based
  • Geographical location

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RPA Developer Salary in India:

Developer ₹ 10,80,600 +/yr
Junior Developer ₹ 9,01,300 +/yr
Business Process Analyst ₹ 7,31,700+/yr
Senior Developer ₹ 4,44,400+/yr
Lead Developer ₹ 5,63,600+/yr

RPA Developer Salary in USA:

Developer $97,631/yr
Junior Developer $61,024/yr
Business Process Analyst $73,380/yr
Senior Developer $108,325/yr
Lead Developer $130,447/yr

RPA Developer Salary: Based on Companies

UiPath $71,047
Accenture $97,631
Zymergen $50,290
Automation Anywhere $57,182
Ernst and Young $97,631

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RPA developer is one of the upcoming, trendy, and in-demand positions which yields an excellent salary. with interest and rpa certification and a good knowledge of rpa, one can surely land up a job as rpa developer in a company. grab this opportunity now when it is still in the growing stage rather than becoming more mainstream. are you ready to start applying and working towards becoming an rpa developer?

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