Learn About SAP Financials & Accounting Modules
The wide range of SAP modules, from SAP product management to HR management and financials & accounting suit every demand of an enterprise. While decision-making in accounts, the combination of financial information and company-wide control is important. For that, SAP can delve down to serve you some help.  SAP Financial Accounting  (FI) is one the functional module in SAP software, which works perfectly to assist you here.

Quick Overview of SAP Financials & Accounting Modules

SAP financials and SAP accounting is two different and most popular module of SAP infrastructure. To handle SAP system in an organization, candidates are inclined towards these two modules. SAP enables its users to control, manage and transfer a large amount of data or database using one single unified system. These SAP modules prepare professionally for data management and to organize work in enterprises.
Accounting eases the process to manage and control bulky data and credentials to a great extent. Manual management of enormous data related to an account, at times, become tedious and unreliable. To make it convenient and to cater diverse data accounting, SAP accounting modules are created. These modules help in automating the account management and that too, from a unified system.
It also helps in creating accounting reports for organizations and its respective teams. It helps to improve security and enhances team credibility. To ease the management process in your organization, SAP certification holders would help you.
SAP Financial and account module deals with the financial accounting of data in a global framework of multiple companies.

Use of SAP Accounting

SAP accounting software is a financial reporting and accounting software. It operating data maintains records and transactions and analyzes financial data. IT is designed to automate the accounting systems in organizations.

Uses of SAP Financial

SAP FI module is prominently used to deal with finance and accounting. It eases asset management in enterprises. It carries out all accounting related task, from managing loss and profit statements, to prepare balance sheets and maintaining ledgers etc.
SAP FICO is most adored module; it combines two of SAP modules SAP financial and SAP controlling. SAP financial system, with its satisfactory implementation, helps corporations to maintain business transactions.
The whole database of financials is managed and integrated from a unified system. It helps in the management of multiple currencies from the different locations. Moreover, it reports transaction of multiple branches of a particular company located at different geographical locations and handling varied currencies through a unified system. Without SAP Training, it is impossible to handle such complexity.

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Key capabilities of Core Finance:

● Real-time data analysis is leveraged to shrink the cost, risk, and length of financial reporting.
● Recording all finance processes in a comprehensive general ledger.
● Handling budgets by tightly managing individual costs and implementing compliance.
● Incorporate accounting management into all operations.
● Analyzing and Assigning costs by business process, cost, center, order, or project.
● Streamlining weighty processes for outlay, capture, reimbursement, and accounting.
SAP’s solutions are meant to get deployed anywhere. It follows the best global business practices for handling specific features and functions to abide manufacturing regulations, accounting laws, tax laws.

SAP Accounting Module, its Sub-Components, and Application

Primarily, SAP financial accounting is applicable at various junctures like Travel, funds, Asset, Bank Accounting, Accounts Payable or Receivable, and General Ledger. Their roles are mentioned below:
SAP Travel Management – It records all the transactions done for business tours like travel expenditure, settlement, bookings, approvals, arranged by and within the organization. All these are managed and recorded by using SAP Travel Management component. It can be integrated with SAP HCM and CO module.
SAP Funds Management – To manage and records heavy or light budgets, SAP fund management module plays an important role. From expenditures to funds and calculation of revenues, everything is done by effortlessly by using SAP fund management.
SAP Asset Accounting – Managing and supervising asset, along with providing relevant details, information, and reports related to it, SAP asset accounting helps in managing assets of organizations.
SAP Bank Accounting – This module is used to handle all bank accounting transactions. From managing bank master data, cash balance management to processing incoming and outgoing payments; everything can be managed using this module.
SAP Accounts Receivable – SAP account receivable is designed to record data and components for customers. It helps in the management of credit functionalities by creating Dunning program.
SAP Accounts Payable – Payable Whereas SAP accounts payable keep records for traders. It can be done by keeping account statements and balance sheets which help to ease this process of data recording. It can also get linked with SAP MM and SAP AA module.
SAP General Ledger – It plays a great role as it manages external accounts related to an organization. It assesses accounting cost and records business transactions for enterprises.

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SAP accounting is widely branched. To maintain the records of expenditures revenues, assets and transactions in an organized form, SAP financial module is of great support. Most of the organizations are adopting SAP financial accounting module to manage finance and work of assorted departments in an organization. Hence, joining an  SAP Course  or encouraging your employees to join one, can help the companies a lot you can check the sap course details on our website.
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