Robotic Process Automation vs. Application Programming Interface
With the internet being the current mode for corporations to communicate with their clients, it sounds reasonable for them to stay online always. The trouble is they don't take this experience to be online first hand always. One method is to use another person to do the work, but that is a lot of money. Hence, instead, use the machine. Automation Technology has grown to the point where several different Technologies have been involved and have attained the recognition and state of their own. Robotics is one of these technologies. It is a special division of equipment in which the automated device possesses specific human-like features.

What are RPA and API?

Robotic process automation uses specific computer programs called software robots to automate and evaluate repeatable business processes. Imagine a robot sitting before the machine looking in the same application and performing the same keystrokes as the person could do. While robotic operation equipment does not require any personal robot, software robots mimic human actions by interacting with applications in the same manner that the person does. 
Application programming interface API is a collection of definitions, communication protocol, and building code. In broad terms API, it is a collection of clearly defined methods of communicating among different elements. API makes the product or service communicate with other products and services without learning how they are applied. When you are designing new instruments and products or managing, API gives you flexibility, simplified innovation, management, and opportunities for creativity. 


Meaning A software robot developed to minimize human dependency Combining through various application to communicate with each other
Usage RPA is used for Invoice processing, credit card application, etc. API is used for  messaging, Information request, Network integration, etc
Overall cost  RPA's overall cost is comparatively low API's overall cost is a bit high.
Interaction  RPA is known to interact with the front end through applications. API is known to interact with the back end through an application, resulting in the manipulation of data. 
Time Implementation of RPA requires less time and is quick. Implementation of API is time-consuming comparatively.
Maintenance Cost The cost of maintenance of RPA is relatively higher. The cost of maintenance of API is comparatively low. 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Application Programming Interface (API) have their own perks depending upon what the said company or business may need. Both have their own pros and cons. It usually depends on the business requirements and the budget constraints. 

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