Top Reasons To Become TOGAF Certified Professional in 2023
TOGAF (The Open Group Architectural Framework) is a well-known enterprise architectural framework developed in 1995 by the Open Group. 
The architectural framework refers to a specific set of rules on organizational development designed to help large enterprises so that they can achieve their development goals quickly and cost-effectively.
The framework offers guidance on how an organization can develop, interpret, analyze and use various elements within a single strategy for enterprise architecture.
Those who use TOGAF principles for designing and implementing architectures enjoy design and procurement specifications that facilitate open systems' implementation with lower risk.
When you are a TOGAF® certified professional, you act as a "simplifier". A simplifier can simplify complex technical processes. Nowadays, many developers and technical leads are getting certified in TOGAF to master enterprise architecture principles. Getting certified in TOGAF also ensures their career path in architect and senior architect positions.

Reasons To Get a TOGAF Certification in 2023:

1. Increasing demand for Enterprise Architecture:

IT technology and architecture are constantly integrated for an organizations' success. Therefore, top-tier organizations are looking for professionals with TOGAF certification to plan and manage their company's enterprise architecture to assist short-term and long-term goals.

2. Understanding a common language:

Professionals with TOGAF certification share a piece of common knowledge and expertise in the same field. It helps individuals identify business needs quickly. The usage of common vocabulary established by the framework facilitates communication both within and between organizations, which turns out to be a huge advantage for organizations.

3. Two-Level Approach:

The TOGAF enterprise architecture exam has two stages. The first one is Foundation, and the second one is certified. This staged approach allows professionals to acquire the foundation knowledge first and then become certified in it. Once they clear both the levels, they become TOGAF certified professionals.

4. Budget-friendly Certification:

TOGAF 9 is a budget-friendly certification. The certification cost might be as low as $320, but that is just for the foundation level exam alone. You even get the option to sign up to take both exams for $495. Even when you add in the training costs, getting trained in TOGAF® will prove to be an excellent investment for your future.

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5. Higher pay scale:

A higher pay scale is what everyone looks for while getting any certification.
TOGAF can drastically boost up your salary and your career. On PayScale, we can see that the average salary for TOGAF® certified professionals starts at more than $80,000. And as your experience increases, you can earn even more.

6. New opportunities with TOGAF Certification:

Top-tier organizations trust professionals with certifications. When you get certified, you can prove to industries that you possess the required skill, knowledge, and expertise, which can benefit the organizations. Getting certified in TOGAF offers ample opportunities for you to try. Big organizations like banks, hospitals look for certified professionals to solve their managerial problems.

7. Meet your organizations' need better:

In today's world, everyone wants their work to be done in a short period. Most organizations also look for the same; they want their work to be completed with the least time and effort. TOGAF focuses on this principle. TOGAF training provides you with the skill of how you can perform the tasks efficiently. This training could also reduce your company's costs and simultaneously increase the profit margins.

8. Develop your managerial skills:

A TOGAF certification will give technical as well as managerial knowledge. It would be a great deal for people wanting to excel in both fields. TOGAF professionals design IT infrastructure, keeping an eye on all the essential things surrounding it. They need to consider and manage various aspects while implementing a project.

9. A common language for all professional in this field:

We all know communication is the key to success in every business. Working as a TOGAF professional, you need to have a firm grasp of communication. When you plan and implement an IT project, you need to communicate with other professionals. When you are a certified professional, you learn to speak the common language to all professionals in your field. This makes collaboration an easy task.

10. Validate your skills:

TOGAF is a well-recognized certification. A TOGAF certification is regarded as a mark of trust. Companies and organizations trust your skills when a TOGAF certification has validated them. No matter where you go your skills would be validated only through the certification.

11. No qualifications required:

Many certifications require a specific qualification, whereas TOGAF® does not have any requirements for taking up the certificate. As a result, the professionals who wish to start their careers in IT architecture find it easy to do so after getting certified in TOGAF. Even a University student could learn TOGAF quickly.

12. Networking opportunities:

When you get certified in TOGAF and start working as a TOGAF professional, you can meet and interact with other professionals in the same field. You can expand your network reach, contacts, knowledge, understand the new trends happening in the industry, and share ideas and opinions about TOGAF principles.

An organization has both short-term and long-term IT strategies that support the overall business strategy and helps in achieving the organizations' goals. Enterprise Architects, or EAs, help in developing these short and long-term IT strategies. TOGAF certification allows EAs to upgrade their skill and knowledge through the TOGAF® standards for technology infrastructure.
The TOGAF standards offer the tools and clarity required for effective enterprise architecture development.
As a result, EAs become responsible for ensuring that all the aspects of technological flow are well-defined. TOGAF certified professionals also ensure that all IT and IT-enabled processes function smoothly from the starting point to the endpoint.
TOGAF certified individuals are in high demand and will continue to do so due to its competency to ensure enterprise-level efficiency and capabilities.

TOGAF® 9 Exam and Certifications Details

There are no prerequisites to take the foundation-level course.

  1. To appear for the Level 2 exam, you have to clear the level 1 examination or foundation course. 
  2. You can always retake the exam after 30 days if you fail the examination. But keep in mind that only three attempts are allowed every year. So, prepare thoroughly for the exam before appearing for it. 
  3. The TOGAF® 9 certification doesn't require any renewal for individuals.

TOGAF® Certification Training

Make sure you take proper training before appearing for the exam. There is enough course material valuable online with practice papers and mentoring from experts. You can opt for one of these courses to clear this exam with flying colours.

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