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TOGAF is an advanced approach used to build enterprise architectures that improve business efficiency. TOGAF allows organizations across industry sectors to build, plan, design, and implement enterprise infrastructure with minimal errors and within budget. The TOGAF certification helps professionals to gain the required credibility and provides a clear path towards career development. TOGAF® 9.2 certification is the latest version, and training for the same helps professionals to gain a proper understanding of concepts, terminology, and structure for TOGAF 9 and how it can be used to create a robust enterprise IT architecture. Select a relevant TOGAF certification course that suits your job profile to grow in your career.

*This TOGAF® 9 Training Course is being run by Koenig in association with ITpreneurs and is accredited by The Open Group .

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Sola S Olaleke
United States
A2. KOENIG is a level above its competitors. I have taken three courses with three different instructors and I was impressed with all three, which tells a lot about the professionalism and efficiency of the staff. also, Koenig tuitions are very reasonable.
Oluseye Doherty
United States
A1. Ashwin is a very good trainer, loves the real-life scenario he uses to explain each module which makes the all training period interesting even though he is not on the field as a Consultant. He is also good at time management by ensuring that he finished all modules in a timely and effective manner. Thumbs up Ashwin!
Nirmal Jose George
United States
A2. This is the first time I'm taking a virtual Instructor led training, so I must say Koenig has set the bar pretty high. Seems like a very organized company and has processes in place to take care of any issues.

TOGAF Certification Course Overview

TOGAF popular enterprise architecture certifications provided for professionals across industry sectors globally. Enterprise Architects live by the TOGAF certification that demonstrates their skills in the enterprise IT architecture domain and provides one of the best return on investment for professionals as the certification credential has remained relevant and versatile for a very long period.
Not only professionals but also enterprises training their EA professionals in TOGAF certification will be able to gain a thorough understanding of their IT infrastructure to ensure maximum collaboration within teams. With comprehensive knowledge gained on the enterprise IT infrastructure, enterprises and professionals can restructure architecture accordingly to significantly improve usage, efficiency and minimize any type of redundancies. 
As a TOGAF certified professional, you can help enterprises achieve goals according to their business strategy. Gain knowledge through TOGAF certification to create a holistic technology cover for an enterprise that includes transformational programs across portfolios, architecture strategy, review boards, governance committees, and technology lifecycles.
Below are some of the popular TOGAF certification courses that are popular worldwide.

Popular TOGAF Certification Courses

TOGAF 9 Foundation Certification Training:

The TOGAF 9 Foundation certification is an entry-level training course for IT professionals and enterprise architects who are looking to pave a career path in the Enterprise IT architecture domain. The TOGAF 9 Foundation training validates professionals’ skillset and knowledge in TOGAF concepts, terminology, structure, and core principles along with TOGAF standards. This TOGAF 9 Foundation course is ideal for professionals who are starting their careers as Enterprise Architects and professionals who are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of the TOGAF standard.

TOGAF 9 Certified Training:

The TOGAF 9 Certified certification credential for professionals validates their skills in addition to the knowledge gained through TOGAF 9 Foundation. With TOGAF 9 Certified training, participants will be able to analyze and implement/ adopt TOGAF 9 concepts in an enterprise. This TOGAF 9 Certified training course is ideal for professionals who are looking to gain an in-depth understanding of TOGAF 9 Standard and its adoption in architecture projects and initiatives. Participants should have cleared their TOGAF 9 Foundation certification to be part of the TOGAF 9 Certified training and certification exam. TOGAF 9 Level 1 and Level 2 exams can be taken at accredited providers on-site or through Pearson Vue testing centers online.

TOGAF Business Architecture Training:

The TOGAF Business Architecture training is based on the latest version of TOGAF 9.2 and is a Level 1 certification course. This TOGAF course is ideal for professionals who are looking to gain a proper understanding of business modeling, TOGAF business scenarios, value streams, information mapping, and business capabilities. The main objective of this TOGAF Business Architecture training is that participants focus on applying the learning objectives from the TOGAF Standard, version 9.2.  This course is ideal for enterprise architects, solution architects, system architects, network architects, professionals involved in developing a business architecture, trainers, professionals who want to add to their existing TOGAF certifications.

TOGAF Essentials 2018 Certification Training:

The TOGAF Essentials 2018 certification course helps professionals to validate their knowledge and skills that were introduced in the TOGAF Body of Knowledge for 2018 version. The main objective of this TOGAF Essentials course is knowledge and comprehension and is a 1-day short course that highlights the changes in the BOK. This course is ideal for TOGAF certified professionals, TOGAF trainers, and anybody who wants to understand the changes incorporated in TOGAF BOK 2018 version.

Who can take up TOGAF Certification Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from TOGAF certification training courses are:
  • Enterprise Architects
  • System Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Network Architects
  • Team Leads
  • Software Testers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • TOGAF Certified Professionals
  • Individuals who want to understand the latest TOGAF standard 9.2
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their respective TOGAF certification exams

Reasons to choose TOGAF Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • All TOGAF certification courses offered by The Open Group provided in one place
  • Get a thorough understanding of TOGAF standard 9.2 and enterprise IT architecture
  • Get better salary remuneration than non-certified peers and also additional responsibilities to manage overall enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Accredited TOGAF instructors and key resources from Koenig Solutions and The Open Group to support you in your TOGAF certification journey
  • Get the convenience of taking up TOGAF certification training in 8 hours/ day and 4 hours/ day timeslots
  • Customize your TOGAF course according to your business needs and enterprise IT infrastructure requirements
  • Get dedicated attention for your TOGAF certification course through  1-to-1 training and Fly-me-a-trainer options 
  • TOGAF certification training from Koenig Solutions is ‘Guaranteed to Run’ and comes with ‘Exam Pass Assurance’
  • TOGAF certification training provided in coordination with ITpreneurs and is accredited by The Open Group

Benefits of TOGAF Certification Training

  1. Get a thorough understanding of TOGAF concepts, terminology, structure, TOGAF standard, and other related concepts to enterprise architecture
  2. There is an increasing demand for enterprise architects who are TOGAF certified as organizations across industry sectors realize the benefits of enterprise architecture and its related certification credentials
  3. With TOGAF certification training, get a chance to work across sectors and new avenues in manufacturing, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, government, defense, and many others
  4. Master the TOGAF vocabulary that is mandatory across organizations that are implementing TOGAF standards for their IT architecture
  5. Achieve better ROI by investing in TOGAF certification training that gets you additional job responsibilities and opportunities globally across sectors 
  6. Be part of the new norm and stay relevant with TOGAF credentials that help to meet today’s complex enterprise demand and helps to improve your management skills
  7. Create a rewarding Enterprise Architecture career path with various TOGAF Certification courses that are divided into various levels and categories depending on the objectives and job roles
  8. Become a highly sought-after Enterprise Architect Professional with industry-recognized TOGAF certification credentials
  9. Increase your salary remuneration in an exponential way. On average, TOGAF certified professionals earn anywhere between USD 90,000 to USD 180,000 per annum in the US.
  10. Achieve TOGAF badges and showcase them on your profiles, which acts as a visible trust mark and demonstrates your expertise in the domain

TOGAF Certification Process

  • Becoming a TOGAF certified professional can be a truly beneficial for both individuals and enterprises training their workforce
  • Select a relevant TOGAF certification course that meets your requirements depending on your job role
  • Find the right schedule and training delivery modes that you are comfortable with
  • Begin your TOGAF certification preparation by going through training collaterals provided by Koening Solutions
  • Attend the instructor-led TOGAF Certification training to gain an in-depth understanding of applying TOGAF standards across enterprise architecture
  • Better prepare for your TOGAF certification exam by taking up as many sample papers as possible
  • With the right preparation, you will be able to clear your TOGAF certification exam on your first attempt

Salary prospects for TOGAF Certified Professionals

Today, TOGAF certifications from The Open Group are highly popular, considering enterprises are creating workspaces for the future.  Building a robust IT architecture in an enterprise requires certain knowledge and skillset to ensure the workspace helps businesses deliver results according to enterprise goals. Hence, the demand for certified TOGAF professionals is currently on a high and will stay the same in the future as well. Let’s checkout TOGAF certified professionals’ salaries worldwide.
  • United States : USD 90,000 to USD 180,000
  • United Kingdom : Pounds 61,000 to 85,000
  • India : Rupees 6 lakhs to 30 lakhs 
  • Australia : AUD 115,000 to 160,000 
  • UAE : AED 125,000 to 500,000
  • Singapore : SGD 97,000 to 250,000

Job Prospects for TOGAF Certified Professionals

TOGAF is a leading enterprise architecture framework used by enterprises across the world. As enterprises follow the TOGAF standard, they need the workforce to align accordingly and learn the concepts, terminology, and structure accordingly. Some of the top companies that are hiring them include DXC Technology, Accenture, VISA, TCS, Barclay, Deloitte, GE, UST, Microland, Shell, Siemens , CAPCO, Mindtree, Sony, PWC, and many more. Do check your local job listings to find relevant TOGAF certification-related jobs in your region.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Participants can take up their TOGAF certification exams from The Open Group accredited training institutes and from Pearson Vue.

TOGAF certification is really popular of late as more organizations are embracing the TOGAF standard to create enterprise architecture that is widely-acknowledged. Even after 25 years of its existence, TOGAF is still on top of its game with thorough revisions that have incorporated the latest technologies and trends to create the new TOGAF standard with a 9.2 version. There are various TOGAF certification training available for professionals and enterprises to align their offerings according to the business requirements. Today, TOGAF certified professionals are in high-demand and also receive better salary remunerations. So, yes, TOGAF certification really makes sense today and for the uncertain future which is upon us.

TOGAF, is one of the leading enterprise architecture frameworks used by enterprises across various industries. With TOGAF standard, there are clear rules with regards to enterprise design that helps them to achieve their goals in an efficient manner. It is all about creating a single strategy that encompasses guidance on how an enterprise can create, analyze, and interpret various elements. TOGAF uses a well-defined terminology, concepts, and structure, which helps seamless communication across teams to minimize errors.

This TOGAF 9 course is being run by Koenig Solutions in association with ITpreneurs and is accredited by The Open Group.

First and foremost, there is the TOGAF Body of Knowledge 2018 version, which is the latest version, then there is TOGAF standard templates for its 9.2 version. Case Studies and various other collaterals are part of TOGAF certification reference materials.

Pre-reading materials are provided by the training provider and sample papers and respective handbooks from The Open Group are included in your TOGAF training program.

No, anybody can take up the TOGAF 9 Certified training, but if the participant has to sit for the certification exam, then one has to be TOGAF 9 Foundation certified.

Participants can take up their TOGAF certification exams in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Latin American Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. The certification exam cost varies according to the language preference for your TOGAF certification exams.

The learning objectives for TOGAF 9 level 1 and level 2 training are:
  • Understand basic concepts of the TOGAF Standard and enterprise architecture
  • Concepts and terminology of the TOGAF 9 Standard
  • ADM cycle and its objectives
  • Understanding everything about Enterprise Continuum
  • Architecture governance and architecture development cycle
  • Building blocks and deliverables of ADM cycle
  • Applying ADM phases while developing enterprise architecture
  • Applying stakeholder management techniques
  • Applying TOGAF standards and techniques while building an enterprise


No, TOGAF does not discriminate against enterprises belonging to a particular industry sector. Any enterprise that is going through a transformation with regards to enterprise IT architecture is eligible to implement the TOGAF enterprise architecture framework.