Best Ways to Prepare for your Microsoft Azure DP-200 Exam

By Michael Warne 29-Jun-2022
Best Ways to Prepare for your Microsoft Azure DP-200 Exam

Microsoft Azure’s popularity has soared so high that enterprises are finding it difficult to retain and attract high-quality talent who are Microsoft Azure certified. With nearly 80% of the business solutions moved to the cloud, Microsoft Azure, as a cloud platform service provider, needs proper maintenance to ensure 24/7 services to customers throughout the year. This has led to a tremendous demand for role-based Microsoft Azure certifications worldwide.

One of the popular Microsoft Azure Certifications is the Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200. These Azure Data Engineers help businesses to design and implement the management of data by monitoring, securing, and privacy by utilizing the entire Azure data services to meet enterprise goals.

Over the years, this DP-200 exam has undergone a lot of changes. Today, this Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam focuses on specific skill sets that are required to thrive as an Azure Data Engineer. This article is all about gaining an in-depth understanding of the DP-200 Exam. So, let’s get started!

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What is Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200?

This is one of the most popular Microsoft Azure certification courses offered for professionals who are looking to grow in their IT/cloud computing careers. Participants who take up this Azure Data Engineer Associate training will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Implementing Data Storage Solutions
  • Managing and Developing Data Processing on Azure
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Data Solutions
  • Designing Azure Storage Solutions
  • Designing Data Processing Solutions
  • Creating Designs for Data Security and Compliance

Who can take up this Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 exam?

Participants who take up this Implementing Azure Data Solutions DP-200 exam along with the DP-201 exam will become an Azure Data Engineer Associate. This DP-200 Certification course is ideal for professionals who collaborate with relevant stakeholders to understand data requirements to implement solutions that use Azure data services.

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Eligibility Criteria to take up Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 Exam

  • Participants should have at least one year’s experience in job roles such as data architects and business intelligence professionals but not mandatory.
  • Participants who wish to take up this Microsoft Azure DP-200 course should be able to implement data solutions using Azure services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DM, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure Blob Storage.

If one has to become an Azure Data Engineer Associate, then one has to clear both Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 and Designing an Azure Data Solution DP-201 Exams.

Best ways to prepare for Microsoft Azure DP-200 Exam

Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam is actually known as the Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 exam. This is one of the exams that a participant has to clear to become an Azure Data Engineer Associate. Below is the list of points that will surely help in your Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam preparation.

1. Start your preparation before attending the training

There are many factors to consider preparing for a DP-200 exam, but this is the most crucial one to abide by. Kick-starting your preparation for the Implementing Azure Data Solution even before you attend a formal training will help you to gain an in-depth understanding of implementing Data solutions using Azure Data Services.

There are two ways to go by to start your preparation, either you go through Microsoft’s Learn programs, which are free and self-paced without interactivity, or you can enroll for a formal Microsoft Azure DP-200 Certification Training from an accredited training partner.

The best part about enrolling in a traditional classroom or live online training is that you can interact with an expert Microsoft Azure trainer and get your doubts clarified and implement them immediately. Some of the training providers also help in arranging retrospective sessions to help professionals get their doubts cleared even after their training is finished. This actually helps participants to better prepare for the Microsoft Azure DP-200 examination.

2. Always check the Skills Measured

With Microsoft’s many role-based certification pathways, they regularly update their examinations to measure certain skills in individuals who are in line with the latest business and technological trends. For the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam, the latest update that has happened was on September 24th, 2020. It is better to check the official source to clearly understand when the examination or its content were updated.

According to the latest update, the skills measured for the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam are:

  • Implementing Data Storage Solutions (40-45%)
  • Manage and Develop Data Processing (25-30%)
  • Monitor and Optimize Data Solutions (30-35%)

3. Get practical Hands-on Experience

There are many Microsoft Certification training providers who offer practical guidance with hands-on experience. These training providers have their own labs where participants can implement different aspects of data solutions to get a clear understanding of how the technology works in a real-world scenario. So, if your concepts are clear with a practical understanding of the Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 course objective, the clearer would you be to take on the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam in a confident manner.

To better learn more about the DP-200 exam, one can also go to Microsoft Learn to get free hands-on experience, but again there would be no interaction with an Expert. One can easily create an Azure account for free, which gives you free services worth USD 200 into your account. So, create an account for free and start playing with the Azure platform to gain a better understanding of the solutions offered over there. This familiarization with the tools goes a long way in helping you to prepare and clear your DP-200 examination.

4. Prepare better with Practice Tests

This has to be the most important aspect while preparing for your Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam. You will gain tremendous confidence by working with multiple Microsoft Azure DP-200 practice tests. Even if they are old ones also, you better take them, as you will gain an understanding of how the questions are formed and how the skills are measured. These practice tests will give you the confidence to clear your DP-200 examination on your first attempt.

The whole objective of finishing your preparation through practice tests is to get clarity with regards to your preparation. If you’ve scored low, then you need to spend some more time on both theoretical and practical aspects of the Microsoft Azure DP-200 course and gain a better understanding. If your scores are above average, then you have to just fine-tune your preparation with proper insights into the examination with regards to the nature of questions, skills measure, time management, and more.

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Key aspects of Implementing Azure Data Solution DP-200 Exam

  • Exam Name: Implementing an Azure Data Solution
  • Exam Code: DP-200
  • Certification Name: Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Exam Duration: 180 Minutes (210 Minutes Total)
  • No. of Questions: 40-60
  • Exam Fee: USD 165
  • Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Salary Prospects of an Azure Data Engineer Associate

According to, the average salary of Azure Data Engineer in the US is in the range of USD 143,000 to USD 190,000 per annum. The maximum salary range given depends on the number of years of experience, job location, and job role.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge demand for Azure Data Engineers from SMBs, Large MNCs, and Government institutions globally. With businesses moving to the cloud with complete digital transformation, it is imperative that professionals opt for Microsoft Azure DP-200 certification training to get ahead in their careers.

Take part in a 3-day Implementing Azure Data Solution course from an accredited Microsoft Training Partner to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject and clear the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam on your first attempt.

Some of the popular Microsoft Azure Certification courses that professionals can take up to grow in their careers are:

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