MCSE Certification, Types and Benefits

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) is a Microsoft certification designed for IT professionals to enable them to build solutions over multiple technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud.

MCSE, earlier known as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, was focused on specific job roles and recognized as the highest level of certification for Microsoft operating systems. This certification was replaced by Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional ( MCITP ) in 2017. With time, MCITP did not become popular among IT professionals and failed to create a place for itself in the market as it left many IT professionals frustrated with its new format. In 2012, MCSE returned with a new name but sustained the acronym as it was already popular among professionals, and this time the certification focused more on building technology solutions.

This certification course is basically targeted at individuals aspiring to become server administrators and who wish to manage network configuration and active directory object.

Skills required

To earn an  MCSE certification , the candidate needs to first clear the corresponding  MCSA exam  and then pass an additional MCSE elective exam. Candidates who wish to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert must opt for a recognized training and certification program in order to understand the skills better.

Types of MCSE Certifications

There are 5 types of MCSE certifications and each provides a unique expertise.

  • MCSE: Business Applications – lets you manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies

  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure – allows you to manage a highly efficient data center

  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics – demonstrates your skills in SQL Administration, building enterprise-scale data solutions and using business intelligence data.

  • MCSE: Mobility – makes you an expert in managing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments

  • MCSE: Productivity Solutions Expert – demonstrates your expertise in moving the entire organization’s operations to Cloud for better future prospects

Benefits and Career Opportunities

Becoming certified in MCSE opens doors to many new opportunities and benefits.

This certification gets you many benefits from Microsoft itself as you become a Microsoft member and gain access to the abundant knowledge that an MCP membership offers. You can also remain updated by attending conferences and events organized by Microsoft.

As this certification is industry standard and globally recognized, it gives you an edge over your peers and makes you eligible for salary hikes and promotions. Certified individuals seeking jobs are also preferred by employers and their chances of getting hired increases manifold.

Upon completing the certification, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert can be offered roles such as  System Administrator , Network Engineer, IT Support Specialist, System Analyst, IT Support Specialist, Program Manager and Software Architect.

Handsome salaries are usually bagged by Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts. The average salary for a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert ranges from approximately $74,500 per year for Program Manager to $126,841 per year for Software Architect, as per a survey was done by Indeed.

Though MCSE is the top level certification, candidates who wish to pursue courses further can gain expertise in their professional field by pursuing relevant courses or aspire for the MVP award by demonstrating expertise in their specific Microsoft technology area. This includes writing blogs, speaking at conferences, interacting via social media channels, answering questions and organizing events.