Career Prospects After ITIL Certification

By Archer Charles 24-May-2022
Career Prospects After ITIL Certification
ITIL Certification have gained popularity among professional courses in recent years. This fact is unanimously agreed upon, considering the inclusion of ITIL among 15 top paying certifications in the world in the year 2018. The reason why ITIL certified professionals have an edge over other employees or job seekers is that ITIL services are needed in all kinds of organizations connected to the IT industry. Consequently, ITIL professionals find abundantly paid jobs in any IT organization relatively easily.
In spite of the prominence of ITIL framework, aspiring pursuers have a handful of questions about the career opportunities that lie ahead of this course. This small article will help the reader build a general outlook towards the current job market for ITIL certified professionals.
Typically, ITIL methodologies are applied in the field of Service Management. The most commonly expected roles after the attainment of  ITIL Certification  are those of Incident Analyst, Change Coordinator, Problem Analyst, etc.

Role of ITIL in Software Engineering

Two prime areas in software are development and maintenance. While software development deals with building new applications within allotted time frame by employing project management, software maintenance is concerned with management and maintenance tasks when the application is complete and running. ITIL has a great role to play in software maintenance.
Any person in software maintenance, IT support, infrastructure or service management will display improved performance with an ITIL certification.

Types of ITIL Certifications

Following ITIL certifications can be attained through ITIL tests.
ITIL Foundation: The fundamental knowledge of basic principles, processes, roles, functions, concepts, terms, etc. are tested in ITIL foundation certification.
ITIL Intermediate: This exam weighs the candidates’ ability of practically analyzing service management.
Managing Across the Lifecycle: This test will analyze the capability of dismantling and synthesizing things innovatively.
ITIL Expert: This certification approves of your professional excellence, i.e. expertise, in the ITIL framework.
ITIL Masters: This is the highest level of ITIL certification, and is obtained by just around 35 people from all over the world.

Job Market for ITIL Certified Professionals

As far as the job market is concerned, here is an enumeration of jobs that you should look for based on your professional experience-

BEGINNER (0 to 7 years of experience):

  1. Introductory profession in IT service management, for example, IBM Tivoli and BMC Remedy.
  2. Jobs pertaining to IT infrastructure in MNCs.
  3. IT support engineer, service delivery analyst, help desk engineer, technical support, etc.

MIDDLE LEVEL (More than 7 years of experience):

More responsible, managerial jobs like:
  1. IT Service Delivery Manager
  2. Release Manager
  3. Incident or Problem Manager
  4. Service Desk Manager


Such deep knowledge of the infrastructure brings roles such as:
  1. Independent Consultant in ITIL
  2. ITIL Trainer
Note that while you are eligible to appear for ITIL, and may pass it, irrespective of your professional background, there may not be much potential in terms of job opportunities if you do not have an IT background. If, however, you aim to achieve or already have a career in software maintenance and management, this is just the certification for you.
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