Complete Guide to Red Hat Certification

By Devpriyam Sharma 24-May-2022
Complete Guide to Red Hat Certification

Red Hat, a renowned name in the IT streets, offers an assorted range of course on virtualization, storage, cloud-based and company’s own open source-based operation systems. These certifications hold utmost significance owing to their vast and varied applications.

At present, more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies enjoy the features of this powerful open-source software. The high usage approves the worthiness of  Red Hat certification  too. Certified Red Hat professionals are in high demand and being hired by the giant companies in no time.

If this statistics and career scope related information has increased your interest in knowing about these certifications? Our guide can help:

General Idea

This renowned certification, Red Hat, came into being a sole motto to ameliorate the system administration and development effortless. These certifications are basically designed to suit the profiles of the system administrator, enterprise developers, engineers, and architectures. It also targets virtualization administration who are chiefly functional in IT infrastructure and taking the mighty aid of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) distribution. To bestow candidates the utmost mastery in using RHEL, the certification requires a thorough real-world experience in Red Hat tools and techniques. Institutes like Koenig Solutions make sure that candidates acquire minimum hands-on experience on the real Red Hat products.

The brand name grants the official Red Hat certificate once the candidate clears the certification program and completes the minimum hands-on experience on Red Hat products. To come up with flying colours in the examination, a thorough Red Hat training is highly recommended.

Upon successful completion of Red Hat certification, you will become a certified Red Hat professional. Apart from ample opportunities and a remarkable pay hike, you will become an esteemed member of Red Hat community, a community which is known for its intelligent minds. A Red Hat  Linux certification  from a trusted institute can bestow you all this.

1. Red Hat Engineer, Administer and Architect Certifications

The exigency of Red Hat engineers, administrators and architects are high as compared to any other profiles. Seeing such high demand, the company has tailored made a series of certifications especially dedicated to these professionals only. The badge ‘Red Hat Certified’ professional can be bagged by System Administrators, architects, Virtualization Administrators, Engineers & JBoss Administrator, etc., by passing the relevant certification. In addition, you will gain sleight of a hand in Red Hat enterprise Linux problem-solving & diagnostics as well.

2. Red Hat Certified System Administrator or RHCSA

It is intended to provide acknowledgment to the experienced Administrators, who can work on Red Hat well. Furthermore, it is counted as the first step towards becoming Red Hat Certified Engineer as it’s a prerequisite to sit in RHCE Exam. EX200, which is a 150-minute exam, is mandatory for you to become  RHCSA .

If you are making Windows Administration your career, the preferred options are Administration I (RH124) and II (RH134) certifications. On the other hand, Linux administration aspirants need to take RH199 i.e. Rapid Track Course.

3. Red Hat Certified Engineer/ RHCE

There is no limit to erudition and keeping the same fact in mind, Red Hat Certified Engineer or  RHCE certification  came into being. It is basically made for veteran system administrators & supervisors. To gain this certification, one must possess an RHCSA certification. The RHCE training from a reputed institute is entirely as per your set of pre-owned skills. If you are a Windows administrator with a Linux experience then Red Hat System Administration I and II courses are the right pick for you.

On the other hand, Linux/UNIX administrator with a work experience of more than one year can go for RHCSA Rapid Track Course or RH199 and the Red Hat System Administration III or RH254 courses.

To be a certified RHCE professional, you should make through the 3.5 hour Linux 7 based RHCE Exam whose exam code is EX300. A thorough lab-based training from the trusted name like Koenig Solutions will help clear the certification exam in one go.

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4. Red Hat Certified Architect

One of the most esteemed and crucial Red Hat certification is  RHCA certification . Seeing it utmost viability and demands, it often referred to as the pinnacle certification in the Red Hat brigade. RHCE or RHCJD is the pre-requisites of this certification.

Candidates can choose among the following categories, while going for RHCA:

  • Datacenter
  • DevOps
  • Application Development
  • Application Platform
  • Cloud

5. Red Hat Developer and Application Administrator Certifications

Dedicated to the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Application Platform professionals, this certification comes in two varieties:

  1. For JBoss Developer – RHCJD
  2. For JBoss Administrator – RHCJA

Individuals who are willing to work in the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications can go for the RHCJD certification. On the other hand, those who have expertise in installing and managing Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application can go for RHCJA certification.

6 .Red Hat Cloud and Virtualization Administrator Certifications

For the cloud technologies, the organization offers the Virtualization Administrator certification, along with cloud certification. Professionals who have thorough knowledge and prior experience in implementation of virtualization infrastructures, hosts, and guests using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization can go for this certification.

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Related Jobs and Careers

As we have already told that almost all leading Fortune 500 companies relays over the Red Hat’s technologies and open source software, there is no twilight for Red Hat certified professionals. Red Hat System administrators and Linux system engineers are the most customary job profiles for the Red Hat professionals.

Red Hat Linux distribution is a revolutionary technology and more and more companies are opting for this. Packed with knowledge of Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) initiators, static routes configuration and network services such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a Red Hat Linux system engineer is the backbone of an organization. They are highly competent to deliver RHEL technology recommendations in no time. Companies consider them as their most treasured asset.

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