The Ultimate Guide To CCSP– Certification Requirements

The CCSP credential is among the most superior cloud security credentials in the market today. Becoming a Certified Cloud Security Professional is possible only once you can prove you have the knowledge and technical skills for designing, managing and securing apps, infrastructure and data on a cloud platform. You must also be prepared to implement the industry best practices, policies and procedures required for the highest possible level of security. 

If you’re reading this article so far, you’re off to a good start. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the CCSP credential and certification and whether it’s the best option for you or not. 

Which Prerequisites are Necessary for Taking the CCSP Certification Exam?

To apply for the CCSP certification exam, (ISC)² mandates that candidates meet a prespecified experience level. 

To start, you need to have at least five years of full-time paid work experience in the field of information technology. Out of these five years, three years of experience should be in the domain of information security. One year should be in at least one of the six CCSP CBK domains. One relevant piece of information is that you can substitute all five years of work experience by simply earning CSA’s CCSK certification. 

If you don’t have the work experience required, you always have the option of becoming an (ISC)² Associate. In this situation, you should have cleared the CCSP certification exam. As an (ISC)² Associate, you get six extra years to earn five years of valid work experience. Part-time work or relevant internships can also contribute to your five year total. 

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Who Can Benefit from a CCSP Certification?

Getting the Certified Cloud Security Professional credential is the right career move for IS and IT leaders who apply industry best practices to cloud design, security architecture, service orchestration and operations. This includes professionals in the following roles:

  • Cloud engineers

  • Cloud architects

  • Cloud consultants

  • Cloud security analysts

  • Cloud administrators

  • Cloud specialists 

  • Cloud computing service auditors

  • Cloud developers

What Work Experience Will Satisfy the CCSP Prerequisites?

Before you can give the CCSP certification exam, you need to prove that you have experience working in a cloud environment in either the information security domain or performing any work requiring cloud security knowledge and direct application. Your combined experience must come under at least one of the six domains mentioned below of the (ISC)² CCSP CBK:

  • Domain 1 – Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design

  • Domain 2 – Cloud Data Security

  • Domain 3 – Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security

  • Domain 4 – Cloud Application Security

  • Domain 5 – Cloud Security Operations

  • Domain 6 – Legal, Risk and Compliance

It’s important to note that any full-time work experience gets accrued monthly. Work amounting to at least 35 hours a week for four consecutive weeks will total up to one month’s work experience. For work to qualify as part-time, it must be at least 20 hours of work every week, but not more than 34 hours. Unpaid or paid internships can also be used to add to your five years of experience. However, you will have to provide official company documentation proving you have interned or are currently interning for a fixed period. If you intern at an educational institution, the registrar’s private stationery can be used for documentation purposes.

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Steps to Obtaining a CCSP Certification:

There are four simple steps to follow before you can earn your CCSP certification. 

Step 1 - Make sure a CCSP certification is what your career needs.

Before you even start down the road to earning the CCSP certification, you first need to understand if this certification even meets your career objectives. Some of the factors to consider are whether you have a background in cloud security, what kind of professional future you are aiming for and whether cloud security is what that future will be. Conduct a little research online and you’ll find there are several IT and cloud security certifications to choose from. Make sure the CCSP is what you absolutely want to do. 

Step 2 - Register for the exam.

To register for the CCSP exam, all you need to do is create a Pearson VUE account. You will get all the information you need from the website regarding examination centre locations, accommodations, registrations etc. 

Step 3 - Get your certification.

You must complete the process of endorsement online. This attests that your work experience claims are true and that you have a positive position in the cybersecurity industry. 

For How Long Should You Prepare for the CCSP Exam?

Everyone learns at different speeds. How long you take to train for the CCSP certification exam will depend on your choice of study method and your existing experience in the IT industry, particularly IT security. Learning time ranges from 300 hours in new professionals to just 2 weeks in others. How much effort you are willing to put in is also a deciding factor. 

According to the methods established by the (ISC)², there are several study techniques you can choose from. 

Classroom-based learning:

This study method involves the traditional setup of an instructor in a classroom where your physical presence is a must. This is the ideal and most engaging way to learn, particularly if you have a learning centre near your residence and easy access to learning sessions. 

Online instructor-led learning:

These sessions are not done physically and are way more convenient than traditional classroom setups. If you are learning remotely, this is the best option for you.

Online self-paced learning:

Most people who take up professional IT certifications are working professionals who are engaged in full-time jobs. If you also have such a tightly-packed schedule, you might prefer learning at a slower pace since you will take longer to grasp concepts. Self-paced learning lets you decide how fast or slow you wish to go.

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Private on-site learning:

(ISC)² offers private training sessions for an organisation where multiple candidates wish to apply for the CCSP certification. If your colleagues and you are interested, (ISC)² will organise training sessions for you at a private venue nearby or even on your office premises.

In addition to your chosen learning method, you can choose to add official CCSP study resources that will help you prepare. This includes study guides, official apps, flashcards, textbooks and practice exams.

You can also obtain official study tools that will act as a supplement to your courseware here. These will include official textbooks, official study guides, official study apps, flashcards and official practice tests.

Getting a CCSP certification is not easy, but it is worth it. Since remote learning is the current norm, enrol in an online training course and give your career the boost it deserves.

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