7 Important Tips for Passing Microsoft Certification Exam

By Avni Singh 21-Dec-2022

IT professionals today have more career options than ever before, with multitudes of domains and platforms to study complementing your career and professional objectives. But among all the names in the IT market today, Microsoft is one of the leading tech giants with industry-leading platforms and technologies.

Preparing for Microsoft certification exams and earning their credentials proves your skills and technical know-how regarding Microsoft solutions and platforms. It shows that you understand Microsoft's critical applications and technical tools, and Microsoft has validated your professional skills.

According to Microsoft, certified professionals:

  • Get hired faster and more frequently than non-certified candidates.
  • Are given excellent opportunities and responsibilities for career growth.
  • Understand technologies at a deeper level, work more efficiently and produce superior results.
  • Earn an average of $80,000 per year.

The Rise of the Cloud:

In the years to come, particularly the following decade, more business organisations will shift their physical infrastructure and service offerings to a cloud platform. According to Gartner, users are more likely to spend about $304.9 billion to use cloud solutions, increasing by 15% since 2020.

This growth points to rising demand in the IT industry for certified engineers and other professionals to implement, design and maintain Microsoft's cloud solutions. Today, Microsoft is one of the leading cloud solution providers, providing enterprises with platforms like Office and Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform and reports a 50% revenue growth every quarter. If you plan to earn a credential for any Microsoft solution, we've put together some Microsoft certification exam tips to help you prepare and clear your exam in the fewest attempts possible.

How to Pass Microsoft Certification Exams:

1. Lay down a study schedule:

Studying might not seem as challenging if you have some semblance of structure. In other words, create a routine for your daily studies and prioritise the hours of study. Take time to observe when you are most alert when you can understand and learn better; this could be at night, or when there are no distractions, or during the day when your kids are at school. Find your window and make sure you stick to your schedule as closely as possible.

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2. Understand the topics and objectives of the exam:

One thing you need to understand is that Microsoft training and certification exams are highly detailed. Even experienced working professionals tend to fail these exams when faced with such detailed questions. Every Microsoft certification exam requires dedicated preparation and planning. Simply guessing on the questions will not help you pass.

There is no way to know the exact question paper, but you can prepare yourself to tackle them by understanding the goals and objectives of each exam. Microsoft releases a detailed exam description before every exam with the goals and objectives listed. Some sub-objectives also mention the skills that require proper preparation.

3. Use authentic preparation sources and study materials:

For Microsoft certification courses, getting authentic study sources that Microsoft approves is the best way to prepare. Microsoft itself publishes multiple resources and practices that you can use, besides many free resources available on Youtube and other platforms.

However, resources in the public domain are subject to manipulation. Certified Microsoft training partners like Koenig can easily access the official Microsoft coursework that Microsoft releases. Koenig can also prepare you for role-based certifications such as SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 etc.

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4. Take notes extensively when you prepare:

It is best not to overlook anything noteworthy. No matter which Microsoft training course you choose, you will encounter several facts and informative points that you will undoubtedly find in the exam. With Microsoft certification exams being highly detailed, even the tiniest details are crucial for understanding.

Make sure you make notes of everything while you study. You will thank yourself later when you will find all your vital information in one place during your revision rounds.

5. Practice using the best real-world technology available:

Theoretical learning can only take you so far while preparing for your exam. Microsoft certification exams require experiential learning and knowledge. Instead of focusing 100% on theory, use features available on Koenig like Labs or 1-to-1 expert training to solidify your theoretical learning through hands-on experience. Training by using labs is one of the main reasons IT professionals choose an online training course.

6. Practice tests are the best practice.

When preparing for your final certification exam, taking practice exams is the best way to test your skills and identify weaknesses. Treat these as the real deal so that you can get a fair idea of how long it takes you and what you still need to prepare for before the actual exam.

Don't get discouraged by failure, but make sure you scrutinise each wrong answer and understand where you still lack. This approach will help you improve your chances in the actual exam.

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7. Stay calm during the exam.

Panic never helps, even if you don't know anything. The most pertinent thing to remember is that you need to relax as you sit for your exam. Acknowledge that you've done your best while preparing and that there's nothing more you could have done. The exam is crucial, and you need to focus on every question, but stressing about it will not improve your chances. In fact, it might just make you forget what you've studied.

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The goal is to complete the exam, not scoring 100%, and if you fail on the first try, you can always retake the exam later.

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Avni Singh has a PhD in Machine Learning and is an Artificial Intelligence developer, researcher, practitioner, and educator as well as an Open Source Software developer, with over 7 years in the industry.

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