How to Renew CCNP and CCNA Certification

By Archer Charles 03-May-2023
How to Renew CCNP and CCNA Certification

So you got the ccnp training or ccna training certificate you always wanted and are not a valuable resource in the IT chain, poised for success. All the applause and appeal aside, one jolt that brings you back to reality, with a bang is that these certifications for Cisco come with an expiry date. Much like medicines! Therefore, there are certain timelines affixed to each Cisco certification, post that these are reduced to being null. This happens even for the expert level certifications as well.

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Why Certifications Expire?

If you want to hear it from the authority, Cisco says that given that technology is dynamic, something new comes by almost every year. Desire you and me not wanting, programming and tech changes and therefore, experts are required to learn up on these new developments. Latest dynamics cause add-ons in the form of newer modules for the main exams for ccnp training and ccna training. This ensures that all outdated matter is removed and the significant aspects are brought into the limelight.

The silver lining on this cloud is that these certifications can be renewed and all you need is some toil and grit to achieve the same.

The Validity of Top Cisco Certificates are-

  • Associate-level 3 years
  • Professional level 3 years
  • Specialist certification 2 years
  • CCIE certification 2 years
  • Cisco Certified Architect 5 years

If you are worried about the costs, you will surely have to remember that attempting re certification calls for repayment too.

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The Recertification Policy At Cisco

Do note that you’ll be better off not flaunting your expired certificate as part of your resume. You could refer if you mention the same as having been in the past. This automatically gets prospective hirers the drift of your expertise and knowledge.

As a candidate, you would always be looking for plausible ways to renew your professional or associate level Cisco certs. The top ways for attaining recertification are discussed below.

Thanks to Network Programming that automates network tasks, the top options to weigh are-

  • Network Programmability Developer Specialist exam
  • Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialists exam

Attempt and pass through either of these to get a recertification immediately. This also comes with adding value to your existing skill set.

Cisco’s Network Programmability Developer Specialist cert is apt for the software programmers out there having focus on network app layer development. The latter enables servers provision, data centre use and campus.

With the certification track, you develop basic skills that are needed for creating network applications for programmable environments. These could be One Platform Kit from Cisco, Open Daylight Controller or even the Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers.

These courses are way different from the typical SDN courses which end up focusing on only network theory. With this certification, you enhance your networking understanding while also utilizing the Cisco experience for campus environs, WAN and data centre. One thing to note here is that candidates must be adept at C, Python and open networking environment based languages. The exam (300-560) evaluate your knowledge as well as skills allied to fundamentals of programming, data handling and data formats, network controller platform and protocols plus programmability of devices.

The other areas are Cisco Software Development Kit, Application Programming Interfaces besides the usual network fundamentals. You get to re-certify the associate level and professional level certs on passing the same.

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As for Network Programmability Designer, it is tagged architect role. Here an individual notes down customer requisites, while knowing about applications for leveraging infrastructure, as well as translating these requisites.The Cisco Network Programmability Design and Implementation Specialist cert signifies knowledge about evolving roles network engineers have in automation, orchestration and programmability.

  • The exam (300-550) will evaluate the candidate’s skills allied to network programmability fundamentals, automation protocols, controllers, APIs, data models and operations.
  • The exam again re-certifies both associate and professional certs.
  • Entry-level certs stand to be renewed by taking this exam or a higher level certification. For instance, in case you possess a CCNA R&S cert due to expire. You can take the CCNA Security or some other CCNA exam.
  • You could skip associate exams and pick the professional level. Clear a CCNP exam to automatically renew the CCNA level cert.
  • Additionally, you could also take the CCIE level for exams. This also renews your CCNA. The CCIE level usually has no pre requisites.

CCNA Certifications Can be Renewed Once You Pass

  • Associate-level exam leaving out ICND1 exam
  • 642-XXX Professional-level
  • 300-XXX Professional-level
  • 642-XXX Cisco Specialist (excluding Sales Specialist, Meeting Place Specialist, Implementing Cisco Tele Presence Installations, Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction or 650 online tests
  • CCIE Written Exam
  • CCDE Written Exam
  • CCDE Practical Exam
  • Cisco Certified Architect interview

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Renewal For The Professional Level Certs

Professional certs can see renewal by taking the same test or simply by passing a higher level certification such as CCIE level.

Pass either of these before your certification expires-

  • 642-XXX Professional-level
  • 300-XXX Professional-level
  • CCIE Written Exam
  • CCDE Written Exam
  • CCDE Practical Exam
  • Cisco Certified Architect interview

Renewal of Expert Level Certs

These can be renewed by passing any CCIE exam.

To Recertify you need to pass-

  • CCIE Written Exam
  • CCIE Lab Exam
  • CCDE Written Exam
  • CCDE Practical Exam
  • Cisco Certified Architect interview

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Remember that recertification must be attempted before the current cert expires. Good luck.

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