Software Developer Job Description

By Archer Charles 02-Sep-2022
Software Developer Job Description

A software developer is a creative mind behind any software program you use. They have the knowledge and technical expertise to build programs that run entire networks, applications, and systems. Software developers either create these programs or align and supervise a team that creates, updates, and maintains them. Software performs tasks on different devices, for which software developers must have an idea of what they are aiming to create. A wide range of diverse software exists for gaming, watching movies, writing letters, building spreadsheets, or organising data. 

With the global rise in data dependence, there has been a rise in demand for more advanced apps dedicated to data implementation, collection, and analysis. For example, many new finance apps gather customer data regarding their spending habits and income and present it through smart charts and budgeting options. Existing applications are also hiring software developers to add smart plug-ins like AI chatbots or machine learning-based product suggestions post user behaviour analysis. 

If you are a software developer or aspiring to be one, you will be responsible for several operations and roles. Take a look at the average job description of a software developer and the responsibilities you can expect to handle when you are a part of an organisation. 

Software Developer Job Description:

Organisations seek highly skilled software developers to help develop and update existing projects. As a software developer, your responsibilities will focus on writing code to create software, fixing bugs and errors through software updates, adapting solutions for new hardware, improving performance, and upgrading interfaces. Additionally, you will be a critical part of system testing procedures and validation processes, besides working with other departments and customers on technical glitches including software system maintenance and design.

To make an impact in this role, you must have extensive programming language knowledge and a deep understanding of the lifecycle of software development. Companies require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline related to computer science.

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Key Responsibilities and Focus Areas:

  • Modify the software, fix errors, adapt existing solutions to the latest hardware, improve system performance, and upgrade interfaces. 

  • Direct validation and system testing procedures.

  • Direct documentation development and software programming.

  • Consult with customers and other internal teams on proposals and project timelines and statuses.

  • Work on technical glitches alongside internal teams and customers, including software and system maintenance and design.

  • Analyse data, plan, and recommend new system installations and existing system modifications.

  • Consult with the engineering team and evaluate interfaces for software and hardware as well as develop performance and specification requirements.

  • Design and develop software solutions through data science and analysis for predicting and measuring design outcomes.

  • Prepare reports on the activities, status, and specifications of programming projects. 

  • confer with various project managers to get infor mation regarding features and limitations.

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Attributes Required: 

  • Undergraduate degree in domains related to computer science

  • Strong understanding of software development lifecycles

  • The will to function in a fast-paced business environment

  • Capability to develop code components and application unit testing

  • High level of creativity

  • Full-stack developer with an understanding of software engineering concepts

  • Deep knowledge of programming languages

  • Experience with a wide range of software development projects

It is a typical job description you will find on job portals and websites. Before you start training along any professional path, make sure you go through official job descriptions so that you have a good understanding of the skills companies value. It will help you hone the right skills and increase your ability to leverage them.

How Much do Software Developers Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, jobs in the software development domain will increase by 22% between 2020 and 2030. All other jobs are predicted to grow by a mere 8%. 

Several factors drive the market demand for developers higher. It includes the growing competition to build new mobile-first applications, the requirement for innovative software in insurance and healthcare industries for patient profile management, and the growing cybersecurity threats that call for greater investment in cybersecurity professionals. 

As a systems software developer, you will earn more than you would as an application software developer. The average annual salary of a software developer is $110,140 per annum. The most skilled 10% in the field can earn over $170,100 per annum. 

Education, Certifications, and Training For Software Developers:

When you look at the job description of a software developer, you realise that several skills keep evolving and are not taught as a part of a full-time degree. For this, there are several professional certifications that you can earn to add to your resume. Here’s what the training journey of a software developer looks like. 

  1. Education: A software developer should have an undergraduate computer science degree or a degree in any related discipline. You should also have strong programming skills while focusing on lessons and modules that teach software building. Some employers also prefer applicants to have a post-graduate degree. 

  2. Internship: An internship is recommended by most experts as it provides hands-on training as well as gives insight into several industries and their software requirements. Through internships, software developers should also understand the best practices and industry trends that showcase the evolution and development of the industry. 

Certification Courses for Software Developers:

1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

The official training course on DevOps Engineering by AWS provides candidates with a comprehensive overview of common patterns in DevOps for application development, deployment, and maintenance on AWS. Through this course, you will understand the core concepts within DevOps as a methodology and the different use cases. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer course is most beneficial for software developers as well as system administrators.

2. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate

This certification course has been designed for system administrators and software developers, particularly developers who work in a DevOps-related role. It teaches professionals how to create repeatable and automatable deployments for systems and networks using AWS. It encompasses all specific AWS tools and structures that are connected to positioning and formation. It also covers all the popular methods the industry uses for system positioning and configuration.

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3. JIRA Bug Tracking and Project Management Tool Course:

JIRA is a tool designed for project management and bug tracking. It helps software developers enhance the speed and quality of their projects while they code. It provides a clear and easy-to-use user interface. JIRA is globally known for its global community and abundant extensions and plug-ins. It provides a wide range of learning and documentation resources.

Software Developer Competencies:

There are several attributes and skills that you can hone to become more successful as a systems or application software developer.

  • Innovation and creativity: You should be able to think of new software capabilities

  • Communication skills: You won't work alone. You'll be required to communicate instructions concisely and clearly to others as part of this job.

  • Analytical skills: Users' and clients' needs must be met through improvements and creations.

  • Focus and concentration: There are many minute interlocking components involved in software development. For success in this field, you cannot be distracted.

  • Problem-solving skills: To develop software effectively, developers must be able to deal with any problems that occur during development.

Work Environment

As a software developer, you'll be interacting and working with others regularly, even if you work remotely. No matter where you are in the process, you must remain in constant communication with others involved.

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