How to Get a CDPSE Certification

About 60% of personal data breaches today are a result of human error. In a study, 58% of organisations say that a lack of proper training is the foremost cause of privacy breaches within organisations. This calls for IT professionals who are trained to build and implement privacy solutions without compromising on the end-user experience.

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What is CDPSE Certification?

Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) is a certification that assesses a security professional’s ability to implement privacy by design, which results in the creation of platforms and products that build and advance data privacy. CDPSE is the first experience-based data privacy certification of its kind.

Nader Qaimari, ISACA Chief Learning Officer said, “Until now, certifications have primarily focused on the legal aspect of privacy. ISACA’s CDPSE certification fills a gap and allows private technologists to demonstrate that they understand the technical aspects of creating and managing privacy programs and solutions to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.”

CDPSE also validates a data analyst/ scientist’s ability to manage the data lifecycle and advise the organisation experts on privacy compliance practices and best data protection practices. It enables data scientists and privacy solutions experts with a common language and data science methodologies to improve the end user’s experience while maintaining privacy and trust.

Many people within an organisation and the data security team might claim to know about data security, but the demands for data security differ from organisation to organisation. CDPSE certified professionals have validated experience that ensures the privacy solutions you are going to implement match the organisation’s risk appetite and mitigate or tackle risks of non-compliance.

Prerequisites for CDPSE Certification

CDPSE is not the easiest certification to get. So it helps if you have a bit of a background in the field. The mandated prerequisites for this certification are:

  • 5 years of work experience performing the job functions described within the exam content outline
  • Your work experience requirement is reduced to 3 years if you have any one of the following certifications:
    a. CISA
    b. CISM
    c. CGEIT
    d. CRISC
    e. CSX-P
    f. FIP
  • Earned experience in at least 2 CDPSE Exam Content Outline Domains.

Who is CDPSE for?

CDPSE is targeted to industry professionals looking to boost their career or take their existing career in a new direction. This includes

  • Privacy engineers
  • Privacy analysts
  • Privacy advisors
  • Consultants - security and privacy
  • Lead privacy managers
  • Security and privacy engineers
  • Software engineers - backend privacy engineering
  • Domain architects - legal care compliance, privacy
  • Privacy solutions architects
  • Information security engineers - user data protection

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Benefits of a CDPSE Certification

80 countries in the world have implemented some form of privacy or data security law. A CDPSE certification immediately declares your organisation’s data privacy team’s expertise in building and implementing privacy solutions aligned with organisational needs and goals. It is a globally recognised standard by ISACA. It is a reliable way for enterprises to identify professionals who are highly skilled at incorporating privacy by design into technology platforms, products and processes, communicating with legal professionals, and ensuring the organisation complies with costs and required efficiency.

Privacy requires complex collaboration across multiple functions in an organisation. CDPSE has been designed to validate your ability as a technologist to work cross-functionally with various departments and teams, like the legal team, policy department, engineers, software developers, database administrators and backend and frontend experts and at the same time playing a key role through the planning, development and delivery of IT privacy solutions.

By the end of your certification training course, you will have the following accomplishments:

  • Ability to build and implement privacy solutions
  • Ability to manage the data lifecycle and advise technologists on privacy compliance
  • Ability to implement privacy by design, resulting in privacy technology platforms and products that build trust and advance data privacy
  • Ensure your organisation’s privacy solutions match the organisation’s risk appetite and mitigate the risks of noncompliance.
  • Improve the user experience for the end customer while preserving privacy and retaining trust.

Early Adoption

CDPSE is a relatively new course. Here is your chance to get into the spotlight by becoming an early adopter of CDPSE. Early adoption is a limited time opportunity where candidates who demonstrate experience in the necessary CDPSE domains and tasks can apply for certification without taking the exam. Once this early adoption period ends, candidates will be required to take the CDPSE certification exam which matches the intensity and value of ISACA’s core 4 certifications to get certified.

How the Selection Process Works

  1. CDPSE applications go through a stringent review process to ensure that the prerequisite criteria of certifications required and years of experience are verified.
  2. A fixed percentage of applications are randomly selected for a verification audit.
  3. The selected applicants are contacted to confirm the accuracy of their details and that they did sign the form.

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