Data Analyst Salary in United States

By Archer Charles 27-Dec-2022
Data Analyst Salary in United States

Data analysis is a challenging role. A data analyst extracts and analyses insightful data from huge volumes of raw data for various organisations across industries. If you are considering a career in data analysis, it might seem daunting as a career option. Many people think twice or thrice before diving into this field. 

However, one factor that will determine whether you choose this field or not will be the reward. Is a data analyst salary equal to or more than your expectations from your career? While money is not everything, it is a huge factor that will affect your decision. Take a look at whether this domain and role are meant for you or not.

What is Data Analytics?

Analytics is a widely-used technical term that you must have heard in multiple contexts. Data analytics is the science of processing, assessing and analysing raw data to derive actionable insights. Data analytics is a fundamental part of business today as it gives businesses a basis for their planning and strategy for the future.

When this analysis and its insights are applied to any enterprise’s business model, it helps them reduce expenses and increase efficiency. Any business using data analytics will make better decisions and have higher customer satisfaction than those that don’t.

What does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst is a professional appointed by an enterprise to transform statistics, figures and numbers to basic English for even non-technical professionals to understand. Looking at the market trends in the past and today, it’s safe to say that the scope and applications for data analytics in the workplace will never stop evolving.

If you have a keen interest in subjects like computer science, mathematics and statistics and you wish to work in a field that combines all these domains, data analytics is the right field for you. Other domains that play a key role in the data analyst job role are SQL, data mining and Python. This role requires professionals to extract insights from data sets and represent them through visualisations and reports. 

Skills Required to Become a Data Analyst:

Take a look at the leading skills and areas of expertise that will earn you the salary of a data analyst.


structured query language or sql is used to handle large data volumes and process infor mation through it. sql is a computing and spreadsheet tool that is faster and more efficient than traditional spreadsheet programs used today. this makes it a valuable tool for the field of data analytics, which is why you should know how it works. 


While understanding SQL and its functionalities is crucial, you should also have adequate knowledge regarding traditional spreadsheet software. While most enterprises use SQL in some form or other, several companies still work with traditional spreadsheet solutions and you’ll have to represent their insights and data through these solutions. 

Critical thinking:

almost every enterprise that works with data requires data analysts to gather and interpret raw data in the context of their industry or domain. when you know which data to collect and how to process and present it, it makes you a strong critical thinker and a powerful asset.

Data visualisation:

After you gather, analyse and compile valuable data, the final and most vital step is presenting the result to all the stakeholders. For this, you should know how to create data visualisations that are easy to understand. Data analysts generally present this data through a series of charts and graphs. 

Problem-solving skills:

In day-to-day operations, several technical difficulties often remain under the radar. With in-depth knowledge, proper training and a little experience, you can easily identify these problems and come up with innovative solutions. This will help simplify daily operations extensively. 

Domain knowledge:

Knowledge of any particular domain will mean understanding the technical nitty-gritties of the domain where the data analyst operates. When you understand the domain well, you can identify useful insights that can help deconstruct raw data more easily. 

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Data Analyst Salary in the US:

The salary for any job or industry keeps changing. Take a look at the average salaries of data analysts in each state in the US.

  • Alabama: USD 57,766 per annum
  • Alaska: USD 39,473 per annum
  • Arizona: USD 73,731 per annum
  • Arkansas: USD 60,280 per annum
  • California: USD 77,428 per annum
  • Colorado: USD 73,761 per annum
  • Connecticut: USD 69,179 per annum
  • Delaware: USD 66,861 per annum
  • Florida: USD 58,821 per annum
  • Georgia: USD 64,663 per annum
  • Hawaii: USD 60,021 per annum
  • Idaho: USD 55,474 per annum
  • Illinois: USD 67,884 per annum
  • Indiana: USD 57,587 per annum
  • Iowa: USD 69,730 per annum
  • Kansas: USD 48,486 per annum
  • Kentucky: USD 60,406 per annum
  • Louisiana: USD 53,774 per annum
  • Maine: USD 44,022 per annum
  • Maryland: USD 82,692 per annum
  • Massachusetts: USD 70,812 per annum
  • Michigan: USD 59,095 per annum
  • Minnesota: USD 58,410 per annum
  • Mississippi: USD 55,292 per annum
  • Missouri: USD 64,357 per annum
  • Montana: USD 58,287 per annum
  • Nebraska: USD 59,379 per annum
  • Nevada: USD 62,457 per annum
  • New Hampshire: USD 83,324 per annum
  • New Jersey: USD 65,645 per annum
  • New Mexico: USD 58,760 per annum
  • New York: USD 72,138 per annum
  • North Carolina: USD 85,266 per annum
  • North Dakota: USD 59,710 per annum
  • Ohio: USD 62,414 per annum
  • Oklahoma: USD 73,912 per annum
  • Oregon: USD 66,079 per annum
  • Pennsylvania: USD 63,443 per annum
  • Rhode Island: USD 62,382 per annum
  • South Carolina: USD 55,819 per annum
  • South Dakota: USD 57,101 per annum
  • Tennessee: USD 60,696 per annum
  • Texas: USD 72,147 per annum
  • Utah: USD 57,746 per annum
  • Vermont: USD 53,649 per annum
  • Virginia: USD 71,309 per annum
  • Washington: USD 72,281 per annum
  • West Virginia: USD 56,162 per annum
  • Wisconsin: USD 70,168 per annum
  • Wyoming: USD 55,602 per annum

What are the Key Responsibilities of a Data Analyst?

As a data analyst, your key responsibilities will look like this:

  • Collect data from various sources and enter it into specialised databases. 
  • Apply software tools for data collection and modification automation.
  • Commission new data sets.
  • Collaborate with data architects and database developers.
  • Work with marketers and business executives.
  • Use statistical methodologies to analyse, organise and interpret data.
  • Look for predetermined patterns and trends in the raw data pile.
  • Check for and resolve data issues.
  • Prepare informative reports building on the data and insights.
  • Present the final report to internal audiences, clients and other stakeholders. 

Educational Credentials Needed for Data Analysis:

An undergraduate degree was considered the lowest requirement for a data analyst role. But not anymore. You can also prepare for a career in data analytics through specialised certification courses and development training that equips you with the skills needed to succeed in this domain. If you have an IT background or have worked with Big Data in the past, you will find it easier to make it as a data analyst.

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Applications of Data Analysis:

Some purposes served by data analysts include:

  • Monitoring market trends
  • Studying buying patterns and consumer behaviour
  • Conducting predictive analysis and determining whether consumers will buy a product or not
  • Segmenting consumers according to their buying habits for targeted campaigns
  • Determining how products should be priced
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of ad campaigns
  • Predicting the most profitable products 
  • Finding ways to bring down production costs
  • Planning work schedules for production improvement

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