Common FAQ's for CAPM Certification Prep Course Answered

By Piyush Bhatia 11-Jan-2024
Common FAQ's for CAPM Certification Prep Course Answered

Are you contemplating taking a CAPM certification course? Are you looking to establish your career in project management? If so, you must have numerous queries about the certification and its preparation. This blog post aims to answer some common questions about CAPM courses and the certification process.

1. What exactly is the CAPM Certification?

The CAPM, or Certified Associate in Project Management, is a globally recognized certification provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This certification is designed for individuals who are new to project management and want to understand the fundamentals and best practices of project management.

2. What are the prerequisites for the CAPM Certification?

Before you can take up a CAPM certification course, you must have a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate's degree, or equivalent) and 23 hours of project management training.

3. What is the format of the CAPM Exam?

The CAPM exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, which you need to complete in 3 hours.

4. How does one prepare for the CAPM Certification?

One of the best ways to prepare for the CAPM Certification is by enrolling in CAPM training courses. These prep courses not only cover the entire CAPM syllabus but also provide practice tests, tips, and strategies to pass the exam in the first attempt.

5. Is CAPM Certification worth it?

Yes, the CAPM Certification is definitely worth it. It not only validates your understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology, and processes of effective project management but also increases your marketability to employers and boosts your salary.

6. How often does the CAPM Certification need to be renewed?

The CAPM Certification is valid for 5 years. After this period, you need to retake and pass the CAPM exam to maintain your certification.

7. How difficult is the CAPM Exam?

The difficulty of the CAPM exam is subjective and depends on your preparation. However, with the right resources, dedication, and CAPM training, you can pass the exam in your first attempt.

8. Can I take the CAPM Exam online?

Yes, the CAPM exam can be taken online in the comfort of your home or office.

9. What is the cost of the CAPM Certification?

The cost of the CAPM Certification for PMI members is $225, while for non-members, it's $300.

10. Where can I take CAPM training courses?

You can take CAPM training courses from a global leader in IT and professional training, such as Koenig Solutions. Their comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to pass the CAPM exam.

In Conclusion

Earning a CAPM certification can significantly boost your career in project management. It's a solid stepping stone to advanced project management certifications and greatly enhances your credibility in the job market. With the right training and preparation, you can ace the exam and earn this prestigious certification.

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