Server Automation with Ansible Course Overview

Server Automation with Ansible Course Overview

Server Automation with Ansible Certification validates a professional's knowledge in automating system tasks and managing system resources efficiently. It includes concepts like software deployment, configuration management, and task automation. Ansible, an open-source automation tool, is used for these operations. Industries leverage Ansible for automating repetitive tasks, minimizing manual errors, and enhancing productivity. It is platform-agnostic and does not require any special coding skills, making it widely acceptable. The certification signifies an individual's ability to use Ansible for managing complex multi-tier IT infrastructures, improving overall operations.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

• Basic knowledge of Linux Admin concepts
• Understanding of text editor and command line
• Familiarity with systems architecture (servers, databases, networking)
• Knowledge of a scripting language like Python
• Previous experience with system & server management
• Understanding of YAML syntax and playbook creation
• Familiarity with development lifecycle stages.

Server Automation with Ansible Certification Training Overview

Server Automation with Ansible certification training course focuses on teaching the participants how to automate system administration tasks on managed hosts with Ansible, manage playbooks, configure systems, and manage system infrastructure. Topics covered in the course include Ansible architecture, basic and advanced playbooks, managing variables and facts, task control, Jinja2 templates, roles, and Ansible Galaxy. This training ensures the learner is proficient in automating, managing, and orchestrating network devices using Ansible.

Why Should You Learn Server Automation with Ansible?

Learning Server Automation with Ansible course equips learners with skills to automate IT infrastructure, improve productivity, and minimize human errors. Knowledge gained helps in streamlining project deployment thus reducing operational costs. This proficiency also enhances your resume, making you a valuable asset in the tech industry where there is a high demand for automation experts.

Target Audience for Server Automation with Ansible Certification Training

- System administrators and IT professionals
- Developers aiming to accelerate deployment
- Individuals interested in network automation
- Operations staff wishing to implement automation tools
- Technology leaders trying to improve operational efficiency
- Professionals wanting to handle large IT infrastructures conveniently.

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- Affordable Pricing that offers top quality training at a cost-effective price
- Choose from Flexible Dates that fit your busy schedule
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- Wide Range of Courses which allows learning beyond Server Automation with Ansible
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Server Automation with Ansible Skills Measured

After completing the Server Automation with Ansible certification training, an individual can gain a deep understanding of YAML, correct the syntax errors and use various Ansible commands. They will be skilled in creating Ansible roles, handling files, executing tasks concurrently, and managing errors in playbooks. They can efficiently manage system infrastructure and deploy applications using Ansible. They can also design and execute Ansible playbooks for server configuration, improve the scalability of systems, and solve real-world automation challenges. They can understand containerization, configuration management, and learn to implement scalable system deployment with Ansible.

Top Companies Hiring Server Automation with Ansible Certified Professionals

Top companies like IBM, Accenture, Dell Technologies, Cognizant, Cisco Systems, and Capgemini are actively recruiting certified Ansible professionals for server automation. These companies value the automation, configuration management, and IT orchestration skills provided by Ansible certification, leveraging them to streamline and automate their tech processes.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Server Automation with Ansible Course?

The learning objectives of a Server Automation with Ansible course would include the following: understanding the basic concepts of server automation and why it is important; learning how to install and configure Ansible on different operating systems; gaining hands-on experience in coding in Ansible for automating common server tasks; mastering the use of Ansible playbooks for complex, multi-server orchestration; understanding how to manage variables and inclusions; and discovering how to work with Ansible modules. The course should also cover error handling, recovery, and system examination in a variety of infrastructures, providing students with comprehensive knowledge in server automation.