Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Course Overview

Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Course Overview

The SAP Fiori UX410 certification pertains to the development of user interfaces and experiences using SAP Fiori, a design-based system focusing on user experience for SAP software users. This certification proves proficiency in implementing applications with a focus on usability, adaptability, and effectiveness. Industries utilize SAP Fiori UIs to provide a simplified user experience, improve productivity, and streamline operations with SAP software. Certified professionals are capable of creating role-based, intuitive, coherent, and responsive user interfaces, which greatly enhance the user experience. Understanding of basic concepts such as SAPUI5 controls, layout options, data binding, and custom controls is necessary to pass the certification.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

- Basic knowledge of SAP ERP system
- Proficiency in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
- Familiarity with SAPUI5 framework
- Understanding of OData and SAP NetWeaver Gateway
- Experience with SAP Fiori architecture
- Knowledge of ABAP programming language
- SAP HANA modeling experience
- Experience in SAP Fiori app development process.

Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Certification Training Overview

The UX410 certification training is designed for developers interested in creating SAP Fiori UIs. The course covers general topics such as creating applications with SAPUI5, designing user interfaces with the SAP Fiori design guidelines, and handling data using the OData model. Participants also get a grasp on extending applications using controller extensions, custom controls, and preprocessor directives. The training also delves into code testing, troubleshooting, and optimization tasks. Prior knowledge of SAPUI5 and OData protocol is necessary to benefit from the course.

Why Should You Learn Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410?

The UX410 course offers extensive knowledge in developing SAP Fiori UIs. It enhances technical skills, improves job prospectus and increases earning potential. It keeps one updated with the latest technological advancements. This course also improves problem-solving skills, promotes innovative thinking, and enables individuals to create effective and user-friendly SAP applications.

Target Audience for Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Certification Training

- SAP Fiori application developers
- Front-end developers specializing in SAP Fiori
- SAP consultants
- UX designers working on SAP Fiori projects
- Software engineers with a focus on SAP technology
- IT professionals using SAP programs
- System architects incorporating SAP Fiori into business processes

Why Choose Koenig for Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Certification Training?

- Trained by Certified SAP Instructors, enhancing the quality of training.
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- Unique destination training, offering exotic locations for immersive learning.
- Affordable pricing, making it possible for all to access quality training.
- Recognized as top training institute, ensuring a credible and distinguished certification.
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- Access to Instructor-Led Online Training, providing flexibility between virtual and physical attendance.
- Access to a wide range of both SAP and non-SAP courses.
- Accredited Training ensures structured and standard training content.

Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Skills Measured

After completing Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 certification training, an individual will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of SAP Fiori architecture, deployment, and configuration. The person will also acquire proficiency in creating custom SAP Fiori applications using SAP Web IDE, enhancing standard applications, and understanding the UI theme designer. The training also imparts knowledge on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, BootStrap, XML views, JSON models, and OData services.

Top Companies Hiring Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Certified Professionals

Companies such as IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, and SAP are hiring professionals with UX410 certification. These companies require SAP Fiori UIs expertise to streamline their business processes and deliver optimal user experience. Professionals can secure roles like SAP Fiori Consultant and UX Developer with these top global enterprises.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 Course?

The learning objectives of the Developing SAP Fiori UIs - UX410 course are primarily to equip students with essential development skills required for creating SAP Fiori applications. Students will learn how to enhance applications with SAPUI5 controls and create custom controls. The course also aims to teach architectural best practices for SAPUI5. Students will be taught how to build OData services and develop CRUD operations. Understanding SAP Fiori launchpad configuration and understanding the deployment options with SAP Fiori front-end server are also significant learning outcomes of this course.