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JavaScript is a client side scripting language used to fill web page data dynamically such as drop-down list for a Country and State. Base on selected Country, State drop down list dynamically filled. It is written into an HTML page, when a user requests an HTML page along with JavaScript, the script is sent to the browser and it's up to the browser to do something with it.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Yogesh S. United States Oct-2020 A2. Trainings are of high quality and Trainers are humble not arrogant like in other training companies
Ivan Goncalves United States Aug-2020 A2. Koenig is one of the best training centers I have attended. You are very organized and have excellent customer care service, starting with the registration process until the end of the course. Your content and topics are perfect, with very good trainers.
Abhishek Gopi United States Jun-2020 A3. yes
Nurjan Janaikhan United States Feb-2020 A2. flexible.
Obilana Adewole Olayiwola United States Feb-2020 A1. What can i say about a lovely brother , Vishal is more than instructor he was more like a brother , always taking his time to make sure the lecture sink, he is a wonderful fellow too.
Kushal-ajith Shetty United States Dec-2019 A1. Trainer is good and he talks friendly and makes us to understand things..
Divya Bhatia United States Dec-2019 A2. Koenig is good in terms of syllabus and trainers. Also the course is provided with examples which is beneficial for us to understand.
Saleh Alduwayghiri United States Dec-2019 A2. Quick reply by email, Cover most of courses in different subjects
Ali Mohamed Hamidaddin United States Nov-2019 A3. Definitely, and will spread the word that Koenig is has the best training opportunity that anyone can have. (:
Amarjeet Singh Aulakh United States Nov-2019 A2. Quality training and infrastructure
Annkiit Talwar United States Nov-2019 A3. Yes.
Byron Sserubiri United States Nov-2019 A3. Most definitely, i will
Jolly Joseph Wasswa United States Nov-2019 A1. Sandeep endeavored to explain all the concepts of the course in as much detail as possible, he always ensured that we were moving at the same pace and ready to take a step back where more clarification was required.
Yoosuf Zimaam United States Oct-2019 A2. I have found that Koenig is completely different from all other centers i have been. * Good Environment. * Well organized. * Perfect Accommodation. Nothing to complain about. I would like to thank Koenig team. Specially people i have met with. My teacher - Sandeep Tomar Driver - Nazeer (A very kind and helpful person. )
Abdullah Al-busaidi United States Sep-2019 A1. she has the knowledge and she like to teach and learn me to help me come over the problems.


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