CCES: Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist

Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (CCES) Certification Training Course Overview


A 2-day Specialist course which provides a comprehensive understanding of Check Point Endpoint Security and how to deploy it within the corporate network environment.

Target Audience 

Technical professionals who need to deploy and manage Endpoint Security within their security environment.

Learning Objectives

  • • Explain how Endpoint Security works to enforce corporate security compliance for end users and their devices.
  • • Become familiar with the Check Point Endpoint Security Solution architecture and how it integrates with Check Point Network Security Management.
  • • Identify and describe key elements of the SmartEndpoint Management console.
  • • Discuss Endpoint Security Software Blade options and how they are managed from the SmartEndpoint Management console.
  • • Explain how to create and assign security policies for Endpoint clients using Endpoint Security.
  • • Understand deployment methods and server considerations for Endpoint Security Management installation.
  • • Identify the different ways to install and configure Endpoint clients.
  • • Recognize how to configure VPN connectivity to allow clients connecting outside of the network perimeter to securely access corporate resources.
  • • Understand how Endpoint Security authenticates and verifies clients connecting to the Endpoint Security Management Server.
  • • Describe additional server configurations that are available to help manage Endpoint clients.
  • • Recognize the different types of data security protections available to deploy on end user machines.
  • • Describe how Full Disk Encryption technology protects and recovers data accessed and stored on Endpoint computers.
  • • Understand how to secure removable media devices.
  • • Become familiar with the Remote Help tool and how it supports clients experiencing FDE and Media Encryption issues.
  • • Recognize the types of threats that target Endpoint computers.
  • • Describe Check Point SandBlast Agent and how to deploy it in the Endpoint Security environment.
  • • Explain how SandBlast Agent technology prevents malware from infiltrating Endpoint machines and corporate resources.
  • • Identify SmartEndpoint reporting tools used to monitor and respond quickly to security events.
  • • Understand how to troubleshoot and debug issues.

CCES: Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (Duration : 16 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Prerequisites

Check Point CCSA and CCSE certification